Coil zipper tapes 5 mm with a weight of 16.5 g/m

Coil zipper tapes #5 are very functional elements that can not only be comfortable, but also a very aesthetic, colorful fastener in medium and small accessories.

They will be a perfect solution in women's and men's cosmetic bags as a fastening of the main compartment or small pockets. You can easily match the shade of the tape to the multi-colored pillowcases for decorative pillows. The zippers sewn into casual dresses will allow you to create practical pockets, and the zippers attached to the front will adjust the depth of the neckline.

Of course, #5 zipper tapes also allow you to implement slightly more unconventional projects. How about, for example, a green slider imitating lettuce? We offer this solution for original taco-shaped sachets. They can be in the form of larger cases, as well as smaller keychains in which you can hide the headphones.

We encourage you to choose coil zipper tapes #5 with a weight of 16.5 in the Berotex online warehouse!

Coil Zipper Tape 5 (16,5 g/m)

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nylon zipper long chain 5 16,5

Coil Zipper Tape 5 mm 16.5 g/m

Spiral zipper tape with a weight of 16.5 g/m is ideal for creating bags, covers and backpacks. Zipper tapes of this weight are much more durable than classic #5 zipper tapes. Thanks to this, they can be used for furniture upholstery and products such as cosmetic bags or wallets. All zipper tapes can be combined with various types of materials, e.g. CANVAS cotton, which can be used to sew original bags, Rip-Stop fabric - perfect for backpacks or waterproof Oxford fabric, from which you can create a bicycle cover. Zipper tapes in size 5 and weight 16.5 are sold in skeins of 200 m. The Berotex wholesaler also offers string zipper tapes with weights of 14.5 and 18 g/m2 and sizes #8 and #10. Zipper tapes with wider fastening chains are recommended for products where strength and durability count. First of all, we recommend using them in suitcases, travel bags, as well as capacious tourist backpacks. 

Zipper tape - create a zipper of any length?

Ready-made zippers are perfect when we need to sew elements of typical sizes. However, many creative projects require custom lock lengths to be fitted. With the help come special zipper tapes that can be cut to any length. However, you should remember to buy the necessary element, i.e. the latch. Without it, it is impossible to create a zipper. It is thanks to the slider that the teeth of the zipper connect and disconnect. How to choose the right slider? It is very easy! It is enough that the zipper tape and zipper are marked with the same size, e.g. #5. In Berotex, both non-lock sliders (they do not have a locking mechanism preventing opening) and auto lock sliders (they have a protection mechanism against opening) are intended for the #5 spiral zipper tape. Also choose from various colors of sliders! Do you prefer contrasts, or do you prefer a perfect color match in the locks? We know that each project is unique, which is why Berotex offers colorful sliders and metal sliders in various coatings: gold, silver and antiqued gold.

Rainbow, pastel, colorful zipper tapes

Coil zipper tapes are available in many colors, which create opportunities to create unique DIY projects and personalize clothes, sports gadgets or furniture. Do you need a white zipper tape for a cosmetic bag or waterproof sachet you just sewed? Maybe a colorful backpack needs even more color? Would a nude zipper work well with floral pillows? The assortment of Berotex wholesalers includes many shades of zipper tapes: beige, green, blue, red, as well as with rainbow teeth. If your favorite color is black, it's perfect. In addition to spiral zipper tapes, you will also find waterproof tapes. in this color. Regardless of the chosen color, the tapes will prove themselves both for haberdashery accessories, clothing and elements at home.

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