Spiral zipper tape 5 mm 18.0 g/m

A colorful zipper that, in addition to a beautiful shade, is also characterized by extraordinary durability? Choose #5 18.0g/m spiral zipper tape. It is this type of fasteners that is best suited for creating zipper locks in products that require the use of slightly stronger fasteners.

They will be useful for creating large cosmetic bags - cases that are used by professional makeup artists. They are heavier than standard cosmetic bags used every day, so it is better to use thicker zippers in them. Heavy-duty zipper tape is a perfect solution for small suitcases in various colors, as well as for fastening replaceable covers on furniture cushions and seats.

A wide selection of shades will also work in the production of schoolbags. Both kids and parents will be sure that the zippers will withstand the weight of books and notebooks. We invite you to buy colorful zipper tapes with a high weight in the Berotex warehouse!

Coil Zipper Tape 5 (18,0 g/m)

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nylon zipper chain 5 18

Spiral zipper tape 5 mm 18.0 g/m - wholesale online

Nylon Coil Zipper Tapes, otherwise known as spiral ones, in size #5 and with a weight of 18.0 g/m are perfect for products that require very strong and durable zipper locks. They will work in the creation of travel bags, suitcases, backpacks, sleeping bags, tent covers, cosmetic bags and wallets. Due to the fact that 18 gsm nylon coil tapes are much more durable than standard zipper tapes in size #5, they are also recommended for the production of furniture upholstery. In the Berotex warehouse assortment, apart from the 18.0 g/m cord (spiral) zipper tape, size #5 also includes tapes with a smaller weight of 14.5 and 16.5 g/m. Each tape is available in hanks of 200 m. Do you need a zipper tape by the meter? Check the offer of zipper tapes with metal teeth in gold or silver. For this type of tape you can buy special nonlock and autolock sliders.

Nylon Coil Zipper Tape - add a splash of color to your designs

All size #5 18.0 g/m nylon coil zipper tapes are available in many colors and shades with teeth matching the color of the tape. Thanks to this, it is possible to create unique designs of many products in various colors. They will work both when you create ideas based on contrasts (e.g. a navy blue tent with an orange zipper), as well as for projects that are better complemented by neutral colors of zippers (e.g. a dark gray backpack with light gray zipper). Colorful and durable nylon coil zipper tapes can be a perfect combination with equally durable materials such as:  Codura 1000D Nylon - used to create professional tourist backpacks, Codura 600D x 600D - ideal for the production of tents, or 1680D PVC Double fabric - used to make suitcases.

Other types of zipper tapes available at the Berotex warehouse

Zipper tapes available in our offer, depending on the size and weight, can be adapted to various projects. In addition to tapes in size #5, we also offer sizes:   #3, #8, #10. Size #3 spiral zipper tape is one of the most popular and works well for smaller projects such as pockets, cosmetic bags and bed linen. Size #8 tape is ideal for the production of tarpaulins, available in hanks of 100 m and 200 m. Spiral zipper tapes #10 are thick and durable tapes for special tasks, especially useful for creating products from the tourist industry, such as travel bags or suitcases, available in hanks of 100 m. Products such as mountaineering backpacks or specialized clothing are exposed to adverse factors, which is why we expect from the zipper not only excellent strength, but also water resistance. Splash-proof black spiral zipper tapes, available in size #5 and size #8 (in weights: 29 g/m and 27.2 g/m), are perfect for this type of task.

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