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carabiner snap hooks

Leathercraft shackles - metal accessories for bags

Leathercraft shackles are popular haberdashery accessories. The Berotex range includes open-type metal shackles. Ideally suited to the extension or connection of straps in bags or rucksacks. They are also a great decorative element in other products, eg in footwear, extraordinary jewelry, as well as clothing. Wheels with the possibility of opening (like carabiners ) allow you to exchange the elements of the bag without having to, for example, disassemble the belt.

Opened wheels, shackles and automatic carabiners

Wheels have been opened, not everything you find in this category. We also offer shackles that look like climbing hooks. This type of shekels (automatic karabiners) is used to create key rings or advertising lanyards. Their characteristic appearance makes them an interesting addition to fancy goods and backpacks. Thanks to them, you can attach a water bottle or flashlight to your backpack.

Accessories and fittings for leather goods in the Berotex Warehouse

Accessories and leathercraft fittings - without them, bags, kidneys, accessories for pet pets and many more would not be made. That's why in our warehouse in Lodz, we strive to ensure that the range of metal accessories is always tailored to your needs. In our leathercraft shop you will find buckles for belts and clothing, hooks for bags, magnetic fasteners and all kinds of guides and regulators. Welcome!

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