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Products from category Metal eyelets

Metal eyelets

Metal eyelets - essential accessories for bags, decorations for belts and shoes

How do you add the purse's character? How to effectively finish the hole in the material? We're already suggesting! Mesh bags are great fittings not only for bags that can perform many functions. Thanks to them, you can attach a belt with a snap-hook to your bag or create a fashionable bag-bag closed with an adjustable string. Check our offer of eyelets available in various galvanic coatings (gold, nickel, black nickel, old gold).

Stainless steel eyes - for banners and tarpaulins

Of course, this is not the end of the possibility of leathercraft. They are also used as banner eyes, ie eyelets for advertising banners or as tarpaulin covers. Made, for example, from stainless steel, will be great for outdoor use. Stainless steel eyes are already waiting in our leathercraft store. What else can we say about metal eyelets? They are mounted using a press - eyelet for eyelets that has replaceable tips.

How to choose a crusher for a pond?

It's easy with us! The diameter of the stitches and kneader must be the same. There are 3 dimensions in the name of the mesh, e.g. 5 | 10 | 4. The first is the inner diameter of the mesh and it is responsible for the size of the kneader. The second dimension is the outer diameter of the mesh. Pay attention to the third dimension - it is the height of the mesh collar - therefore the eyes for fabrics or knitted fabrics (thin materials) - should be as low as possible. High eyelets are recommended for leather, leatherette and several layers of fabrics.

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