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metal padlocks

Metal padlocks - for suitcases, backpacks and travel bags

Each luggage requires adequate security. Coded padlocks protect the travel bag, backpack or suitcase from unauthorized opening. Thanks to padlocks to suitcases, we can effectively protect your property as well as enjoy a successful trip. In our offer you will find metal coded padlocks, also with a cord, that fit into the bag, backpack and suitcase.

Padlocks for suitcases - where to buy?

Luggage padlocks and other accessories for suitcases can be found in our online wholesale - Berotex. You can use a metal padlock for the code in a travel bag, cabin suitcases, suitcases on wheels, as well as in capacious tourist backpacks. There is never too much caution, so baggage protection with padlocks is the first step to protecting your belongings.

Coded padlocks - how to mount it?

In most suitcases and travel bags, two-zip zippers are mounted. Thanks to them you can open or close the espresso machine from two different sides. This way you have easier access to the contents of your suitcase. To prevent the zipper from being easily opened, just attach the padlock to the sliders. First set the numeric code on the padlock, then set the slides next to each other and connect them with a padlock.

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