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metal d-rings

Metal semicircles - popular leathercraft fittings

The semi-circles belong to the most frequently used fittings in haberdashery products. Our offer includes semicircles made of iron wire as well as semicircles cast from Znal alloy. Some semicolons are welded on joining. What's more, we offer semicircles with special EXTRA and EXTRA GLOSS layers, which give them better resistance to mechanical damage and emphasize the color of the galvanic coating.

Leather briefs - D-rings for haberdashery products

Thanks to metal semicircles you can attach the strap to the bag or the carrying tape in your beloved kidney. Choose a semicircular semicircle according to your needs! You can find D-rings with silver, gold, black nickel, old gold and black matt finish. Some are massive and elegant, others are light and minimalistic. Or maybe you will be tempted by the EXTRA Polysk polished semi-circle? Tell us what D-rings you will choose for your project :)

Semicircles for bags, kidneys, backpacks and footwear

Metal semicircles are not only leathercraft fittings, which are designed to fasten handles in bags, but not only! D-rings in tourist backpacks are placed on braces in order to attach things to be at your fingertips, eg a whistle, a compass. Their appearance further enhances the style of a particular product, which is why they will work as metal accessories in footwear. Another example? With the help of semi-circles, you will make "boho" straps for clothing and kidneys.

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