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What is the best way to strengthen and make clasps in sports backpacks and fanny packs? By attaching extremely functional plastic buckles on the straps! Of course, they are great not only in sports accessories, but also in advertising and animal accessories. Buckles have several forms. They can be standard - that is, rely solely on the simple clamping mechanism. This type is universal and can be used, among others, in school satchels.

Another variant form is a buckle with a special frost-proof lock, which is made of a material resistant to low temperatures. Double buckles are useful for creating fastenings in baby carriers. Smaller swivel connectors are perfect for advertising leashes and animal harnesses, and larger ones for tourist and sports backpacks and handbags.

Regardless of which clasps work best in your product or products, you will find different types of them in the wide offer of the Berotex wholesalers. We invite you for shopping!

Plastic buckles

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Plastic Buckles

Plastic buckles - for harnesses and backpacks

Plastic buckles made of high-quality plastic are practical snaps used in various products. They are used in trouser belts, waist bags, fanny packs, travel bags, covers, as well as functional elements in outdoor clothing and in various types of products made of waterproof fabrics. They are often used in backpacks as an additional fastener and as buckles for the hip and chest belts stabilizing the weight of the backpack. Plastic buckles also work well in original sports-style swimwear designs, serving as back or front fasteners or decorative elements. Our offer includes classic snap buckles, clothing and leathercraft buckles with an slide adjuster (to adjust the length of the webbing tape), clamping buckles and double buckles. Buckles are available in many shapes. We offer plastic buckles in various sizes: 50mm, 40mm, 30mm, and smaller ones in sizes 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 20mm.

Plastic buckles - where to buy?

Are you wondering where to buy plastic buckles for different projects? We recommend shopping at the Berotex online warehouse. The buckles can be adapted to various products, for example advertising lanyards or fasteners in collars and harnesses for animals. Most of the buckles on offer are black, but we also have black and silver, black with nickel and olive ones. Which plastic buckle to choose? The most popular plastic buckles are the classic snap buckles, which will work well in many products, for example, school backpacks or cute children's braces. Do you need a buckle that can still be maneuvered when fastened? Choose a swivel buckle! Plastic double buckles will be the best solution for making products that require good security. Therefore, they are perfect for the production of baby carriers. In the "plastic buckles" category you will also find a special black stopper, which, thanks to a special mechanism, ensures a firm hold of the webbing tape.

Plastic and metal elements for advertising and company gadgets

A frequent form of brand promotion (especially at trade fairs) is handing out company gadgets. Lanyards with the name of the company are very often used with badges as obligatory elements for employees to wear during work. At the Berotex warehouse in Łódź, you can buy accessories useful for the production of various types of company and advertising gadgets. What items will you find? First of all, various types of snap hooks in many designs, both in plastic and metal, which allow you to hang keys, badges and passes. Plastic tags can also be useful, thanks to which you can attach, for example, a business phone to the lanyard. Plastic and metal D-rings or metal fastened rings are perfect for all kinds of key rings. We also recommend the use of a plastic buckle as a lanyard and snap hook fastener, on which you can also print the brand logo.

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