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Every professional tailoring and leathercraft studios, as well as small home creative workshops require the use of various types of equipment and accessories to facilitate everyday work.

Additionally, if the created products are sent to customers, they should be properly marked and packaged. That is why we recommend taking advantage of various types of tools and small elements that we have on our offer. They will be useful in the production and distribution of various products.

Foils, seals, bags, adhesive tapes will help in marking and carefully packing products so that they reach customers intact. Tailoring accessories in the form of needles, holding clamps, scissors, cutters, among others, will facilitate the creation of perfect patterns and entire projects. Leathercraft tools will greatly simplify the accurate and trouble-free making of holes and fasteners in various fabrics.

We encourage you to choose the sewing tools in the Berotex online warehouse!

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Sewing room equipment - sewing and leathercraft tools

What makes the work of every tailor, purse maker and sewing enthusiast easier? Appropriate tools that you will find at Berotex! In the sewing equipment category, you can buy special sewing needles for industrial machines, which, together with appropriately selected threads, will perfectly combine various types of fabrics. Tailor's chalk will allow you to apply patterns and corrections to materials. The scissors will create perfect patterns for many projects, from small cases to large backpacks. Pocket cutters will help you get rid of unwanted, protruding threads, and also cut out very detailed patterns. Our assortment also includes special silicone and vaseline oils that will ensure the proper functioning of sewing machines. What to choose for joining pieces by metal elements? Of course, a special 3-in-1 hand press grommet machine that will effectively attach studs, rivets and eyelets. Therefore, depending on which of these elements you want to use the hand press for, we immediately recommend buying the appropriate die molds, which you can also find among our products.

Packaging and labeling accessories

Do you sell your products and ship them to your customers? Make sure that they are properly labeled and secured during transport! This will be possible thanks to various types of accessories intended for packing and labeling small and large products. Before you start packing, it is worth taking care of your own safety by wearing gloves with a rubberized surface that will protect your hands, for example, when carrying and packing wooden pallets. You can mark products with special seals fixed with a labeler. How to pack products? For this purpose, stretch film will work well, which will protect even large packages. Various sizes of foil bags can be used for smaller products. In both cases, to be sure that the packaging will stick, it is worth using additional protection in the form of an adhesive tape. Do you want to transport small products? Pack them in a spacious bazaar bag! Which packaging and labeling products are suitable for you?

Cords and leathercraft glues at Berotex

Among the articles for the sewing room there are also various types of leather glues and polypropylene cords of various thicknesses. Thanks to the adhesives available in our assortment, you can glue leather, polyester and cotton materials, non-woven fabrics, shoe uppers, rubber, as well as metal and wooden elements. They are available in various capacities, so you can easily buy glue for small and large projects. Colorful cords will help to pack and decorate special packages (for example PR) as well as gifts in an effective and stylish way. Ropes made of polypropylene fibers with smaller thicknesses will be a great way to attach tags, without the need to use a labeller and plastic seals. Both adhesives and cords will work as fasteners in many sewing and leathercraft products, as well as creative projects (among other, for creating decorative cards).

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