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Threads for clothing

Threads for clothing - sewing for light clothing

Various yarns, either natural or synthetic, are used for the production of clothing threads, including cotton, flax, as well as polyamide and polyester. Sewing threads that we will sew clothing materials must have specific properties. To buy good sewing threads, pay attention to their parameters, such as: tensile strength, uniform thickness and smoothness. Properly strong and good quality threads will not discolor or shrink during washing, which is very important when using clothing products. So where to buy sewing thread? We invite you to our wholesale fabrics, Berotex leather accessories for shopping! The offer includes NTF threads made of cut polyester, which are perfect as sewing threads on home and industrial machines , including overlock threads . We recommend them for sewing cotton, elanocotton, jersey and viscose fabrics. NTF polyester threads can be successfully used for sewing light clothing, underwear and knitwear, bedding. We also recommend them for sewing light uniform clothing and clothing.

Sewing thread for clothing - Berotex online store

The best threads for machine and industrial sewing? These are threads that ensure trouble-free operation. They should be characterized not only by good strength and smoothness, but also by appropriate elongation. While sewing, they should also not loop. That is why we recommend polyester threads for sewing and quilting, due to their strength and resistance to tearing, friction and chemical factors. In addition to NTF brand threads, Berotex also has a wide range of sewing threads for light garments from Ariadne at attractive prices. Among them you will find polyester threads Talia 120, 80E, threads Viga 120, 80 and core threads with polyester polyester braid Artyn 150, 120, 80 E. Perhaps in addition to the thread you are looking for lining for clothing? We offer a wide range of tailoring and leathercraft linings , which will be a perfect complement to a women's coat, a men's suit, or a purse or waterproof cosmetic bag! Choose from different types of linings: plain, with pattern of honeycombs or an elegant inscription.

Sewing and universal threads for sewing - on pieces and in sets

Sewing thread? Wholesale Berotex offers sewing threads and needles for clothing and other accessories. Choose from a full range of colors of sewing threads. You can also find a set of hand sewing threads in the form of 12 handy bobbins in one color or mix (various colors). Such a set of sewing threads will also work well at home. With their help, you can sew a button or tape, patch a hole or sew a decorative emblem. Such universal thread should always be at hand! What other threads for clothing can we recommend? For fabric and sewing thin and delicate materials, you should choose Titanium 250. Do you sew protective or work clothing? We recommend Leto threads . You can buy Texar threads for sewing in light and medium-heavy clothing.

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