Zipper tapes 8 mm in Berotex

Why are zippers such a popular accessory in sports bags, sweatshirts, backpacks and shoes? Because they are very easy to fasten, and their surface prevents water or cold air from getting inside, as is the case, for example, when using buttons.

The best zippers for everyday accessories, but made of slightly heavier fabrics, can be created using #8 zipper tapes. Tapes in light and dark shades, with teeth in the same colors, are perfect for fastening large pockets in bags and backpacks, as well as smaller ones in sweatshirts and jackets.

Thanks to their high strength, size 8 zipper tapes can be successfully used in the production of footwear. They will work both in the case of long zippers in boots, as well as small decorative zippers sewn on sports sneakers.

Check the offer for zipper tapes #8 and buy them in the Berotex online store. We invite you!

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nylon zipper long 8

Spiral zipper tape 8 mm - for bags and suitcases

Nylon coil zipper tape size #8 is especially recommended for the production of travel bags, sports bags or tourist suitcases. It will also work well for creating larger products such as tarpaulins. #8 tapes are extremely durable and resistant to high stress. Why are spiral zipper tapes so durable? Because in this type of tapes there is a special plastic string that forms a connecting chain. In addition, the wider fastening chain additionally increases the durability of the lock. It is enough to combine the tape with the appropriate zipper, to create a functional accessory that emphasizes the style of the product. Nylon coil zipper tape in size #8 with a weight of 22 g/m is available in hanks of 100 m and 200 m. You can adjust the color of the tape to the needs of your project, because the assortment of the Berotex warehouse includes eight colors of the tape in this size: light beige, claret, navy blue, dark brown, red, khaki, graphite and black. The zipper teeth of each color correspond to the color of the belt.

Spiral zipper tapes - an alternative to ready-made zippers

Ready-made zippers are produced in many sizes and are very functional. However, many times they may turn out to be unsuitable for specific products. Many products, often personalized, require the use of non-standard lengths of zipper tapes. These,   for example, covers for musical instruments or sports equipment. Self-created zipper tapes can be a solution to the lack of the right length zippers. All you need is a spiral zipper tape cut to the length appropriate for a specific project and an auto-lock or non-lock zipper. Remember! The slider you choose must match the size of the tape. How to put a zipper on the tape? When both elements are matched, the tape should be cut so that no threads stick out of it. Then you need to separate it and put the slider first on one and then on the other part of the tape. The zipper is ready, now it remains only to sew it into a cover, backpack or other product.

Zipper tapes, durable fabrics and leathercraft accessories for professionals and sewing enthusiasts

In the Berotex warehouse, it is worth buying not only spiral zipper tapes. We also offer metal zipper tapes and a wide selection of fabrics, metal and plastic accessories,  tapes, threads and sewing room equipment.  Fabrics for creating original projects will be found by purse makers, tailors and shoemakers. Sewing is your passion, but you don't do it professionally? That’s great! Our offer is also addressed to sewing enthusiasts. We know that sometimes you need to look for inspiration for new projects. Where to look for inspiration? We invite you to our blog where guides, inspiration and videos are waiting for you. You will learn step by step, among others: how to make handbags from various fabrics or how to sew a backpack. We also encourage you to follow our social media profiles Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest - all with a large dose of inspiration.

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