Plastic accessories - create bags, backpacks, leashes and lanyards

Plastic accessories are extremely functional elements used in many industries. They enable effective bonding, fastening as well as protection against loss and damage of products such as haberdashery, clothing, accessories for pets and small advertising gadgets. The artificial material from which the plastic goods are made ensure unprecedented durability of products, even with higher loads.

Plastic elements will be the perfect way to emphasize the sporty style of backpacks and tourist bags, as well as an effective finish of strings and straps in clothing. Of course, they will also work well in everyday women's and men's outfits. Small size accessories will enable sewing tasteful and functional harnesses, collars and leashes for pets. Special badges will allow you to mark luggage, as well as create company name badges.

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Plastic Accessories

Plastic accessories - for bags, backpacks and leashes

Our offer includes numerous elements of plastic accessories made of high-quality plastic. Thanks to their durability and universal style, plastic elements can be used in many industries. In particular, they are useful for creating large and small sports and tourist accessories such as bags and backpacks, accessories (e.g. fanny packs) and sports and outdoor clothing. Plastic snap hooks, buckles, D-rings and other elements will work well in the pet industry, among others for the production of leashes, collars and harnesses for animals. Plastic elements are also used in children's accessories in such products as multifunctional baby strollers, car seats and carriers. Plastic accessories will successfully replace some metal accessories that simply may not suit all projects. Many of the plastic accessories will work well in the production of small corporate and advertising products, such as lanyards or key rings.

Plastic accessories for the production of backpacks, fanny packs, handbags and suitcases - Berotex, the online wholesaler

Under the category of plastic accessories, Berotex the online store, offers its customers various accessories that can be applied in many products. Plastic buckles are perfect for school and tourist backpacks. Straps with clamp buckles allow you to set the appropriate length of the tape in order to compress the luggage, but are also used to attach additional equipment in the form of a tent, sleeping bag or blanket. Backpack buckles are elements that, in addition to comfort and ease of use, must be characterized by high resistance to loads, so it is crucial what material they are made of. This is also important when the handbags and backpacks’ handles are exposed to extreme weights. By using buckles, handles and other plastic sewing accessories made of durable plastic, you can enjoy products that will last for years without getting damaged.

Plastic accessories - accessories for suitcases, sports bags and backpacks

Our assortment includes accessories useful for travel and hiking enthusiasts. Thanks to many small, but important accessories - traveling, walking in the mountains and on flat areas becomes much more pleasant. Some invisible elements mounted on straps and sewn into the fabrics of suitcases, tourist backpacks and sports bags create additional functionalities and ensure the comfort of using the products. An example might be special lap or chest belts fastened with plastic buckles. Thanks to them, while carrying a large and heavy backpack, the user's back is relieved. Among the plastic accessories we have many elements that will secure suitcases, backpacks and tourist bags against damage or dirt. These include special suitcase feet pads and luggage bases, as well as small and large protective luggage foot stands.

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