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Steel eyelets

Steel eyelets - for effective finishing of holes in materials

Holes in textile products can be finished using steel mesh. Thanks to them, the hole looks attractive and the material is not damaged. Steel eyes are thus a functional and decorative element in a given product. Metal eyelets are used in the footwear, clothing, advertising and upholstery industries. Steel mesh available in many sizes and various galvanic coatings.

Steel eyes - for shoes, hoods and bags

With the help of eyelets you can do many different things. Thanks to them, you can create openings for sneakers in sneakers or sneakers, and you can also loosen a string that will create a tasteful clasp in popular sack bags. Certainly your sweatshirt or jacket has special hoods - look carefully at whether the hole is not in the eyelet.

Construction of mesh-type meshes, and their assembly

Mesh bags thanks to their specific structure can be attached to different materials. The eyelet consists of two parts: the right side is a collar. This is what she calls her "prettier", which is not killed with a privet. The eyelet collar tells you how thick material you can use. The left side of the mesh is the washer - the part is kneaded in the eyelet process. How do you recognize a correctly formed mesh? It must rigidly stick to the material. If it moves, it means it was too large.

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