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metal rings

Rings, metal rings - for bags, backpacks and key rings

Metal wheels are used in many industries. They serve as functional and decorative elements. They are used to connect or extend straps or ears in bags, bags or backpacks. They blend well with leather products and other textiles. In our assortment metal handbags are available in various sizes and galvanic coatings.

Metal wheels - attractive detail

Small details - they make the whole stylization or design become unique and very often - stunning. Wheels or so-called o-rings will be a great addition to every handbag - every day and this since the holidays. Metal wheels are manufactured in various coatings, both mat and gloss versions. These small metal details will emphasize the nature of the bag - for example, for elegant, evening and formal bags, we recommend shimmering circles.

What to fasten or combine straps in bags?

Fastening straps to bags is very easy, if you know how to do it :). Of course, as many as there are bags, there can be so many ways of fastening the handles. A classic solution is to use the aforementioned metal circle or semi-circle in combination with a carabiner (or without it). However, you can also try riveting the straps or simply sew them on. The choice is yours, and in the meantime, we invite you for shopping!

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