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Webbings pattern

Supporting straps - patterns in dog's feet!

Patterned carrying tapes can add charm to every purse, but not only her! At Berotex, you can find carrying straps in interesting dog patterns. You will certainly create a super-gadget for your pet. The carrier bands are made of polypropylene and are sold in rolls of 50 mb. The pattern on the tape is two-sided and two-colored. The tape is recommended for the production of leashes, harnesses and collars for animals and other accessories.

Supporting straps - straps for many products

The load-bearing straps are made of durable and durable fibers due to their purpose. They may be of synthetic origin (eg polypropylene) or natural (mainly cotton). The fibers give the tape a specific texture. The supporting belts are used as drawstrings or popular straps, mainly in tourist backpacks. Thanks to them you can attach, for example, extra luggage, and those who sew the kidneys know that the carrying tapes are used in their designs as hip belts.

Carrier belts for bags and backpacks

Are you looking for carrying straps for bags, kidneys or backpacks? At Berotex, you will find various types of carrying belts . Choose from a wide range of cotton and polypropylene tapes. Do you want the tape to have an interesting pattern? What about the tape in the popular so-called motif? herringbone or pattern imitating car belts? Certainly such a tape will not only look great, but will fulfill its role as well!

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