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What is the basis of a durable and stable suitcase? Of course, properly selected accessories for carrying suitcases on various surfaces. What accessories do you need to create the perfect suitcase?

Probably the most important parts are the wheels. They should be characterized by excellent durability as well as easy driving. Wheels attached to the suitcase, mounted separately or with a running gear, will prove themselves in both small and large products.

What else will make the use of suitcases easier? Convenient telescopic handles! Their use and functionality help not only to carry the luggage comfortably, but also to adjust the length of the handle to the height of different users. Thanks to this, one suitcase can be used by many people.

The elements that do not affect the running, but have an effect on the durability of the suitcases are feet and stands, thanks to which the material does not have direct contact with the dirty ground.

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Accessories for suitcases - wheels, handles, running gear

Where to find suitcase parts? At Berotex! We offer everything you need to create a travel suitcase or travel bag from scratch. Regardless of what project is in your head, it is in this category that you will find the necessary fabrics and parts for suitcases. All accessories are made of the highest quality materials. They are characterized by precision, reliability and durability. We offer wheels for suitcases, running gears, protective elements in the form of feet pads and foot stands, as well as a telescopic handle for a suitcase that facilitates carrying tourist bags. One of the most important elements is the suitcase wheels. The Berotex wholesaler offers various types of wheels and running gear made of high-quality plastic. Luggage wheels are massive and durable. A special coating gives them high resistance to mechanical damage. The wheels run quietly and smoothly while carrying the suitcase. Our assortment also includes wheels covered with a rubber layer, which increases their grip.

Telescopic handle, base, feet, padlock - necessary parts for suitcases

Telescopic handles are an inseparable element of suitcases, thanks to which it is easier to carry the suitcase. A three-stage, adjustable handle allows you to adjust the length of the handle to the owner of the suitcase. Another essential element of the suitcases are the so-called bottoms. These are elements mounted on suitcases, so that they can be placed vertically or horizontally when parked. What is the benefit of attaching the base to a suitcase? Thanks to it, the suitcase is additionally protected against damage or dirt, because the fabric has no direct contact with the floor. The material from which the base is made ensures its strength also under high loads. What if not the basis? An alternative option is the use of suitcase feet. They are also perfect for the production of sports bags. What other element is worth equipping the suitcase with? To protect the suitcase from being opened by other people, it is worth using a padlock with a combination lock or a metal combination lock.

Suitcase fabrics - smooth and patterned polyester fabrics

Is every fabric suitable for sewing a suitcase? Of course not! To create a suitcase that will serve for years, you need to use durable and resistant materials. Which fabric should I choose for a suitcase? For the production of suitcases, we recommend several materials available in our warehouse. For small suitcases for short trips, it is worth choosing the 420D PU polyester fabric. It is soft to the touch and has medium water resistance. Large suitcases are best sewn with the 1680D PVC Double polyester fabric, which can withstand loads of up to 200 kg. Do you want to create a suitcase with a waterproof fabric in an interesting color? Select 600D x 600D PVC Kodura fabric. To give the suitcase a unique style, it is worth adding artificial leather elements to it, for example by sewing around a zipper, a zipper handle or patches on pockets.

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