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How do you adjust the straps and belts on sports fanny packs and backpacks? Of course, with the help of special plastic slide buckles, which are easily attached to the webbing tape. You can choose different sizes of standard two-slot slide buckles, which will be the best solution for everyday accessories that can handle different loads.

Slide buckles with additional slots are the perfect solution for products in which heavier things are moved every day. Such fastening of the webbing tape will additionally protect against spontaneous sliding of the tri-glides.

For adjusting the straps (especially in the fanny packs), we recommend special plastic stoppers that not only allow you to change the length of the strap, but also the ending and give a stronger hold of the strap. The different widths of the adjusters will work on many strap sizes and will allow you to adjust their lengths in smaller products such as camera cases and larger ones, such as travel backpacks.

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Plastic Slide Buckles

Plastic slide buckles for the webbing tape

Plastic slide buckles are one of the necessary accessories for the production of backpacks, fanny packs or sports bags. Imagine these products without those little plastic elements. It's hard, isn't it? Slide buckles allow you to adjust the length of not only the backpack shoulder straps, but also the strap in the bag. They can also be successfully used in the zoological industry. Thanks to the slide buckles, you can maneuver the circumference of the harness and collar, as well as the length of the leash. Need an adjustable camera strap? Use plastic snap hooks, a slide buckle and a colored webbing tape to create it. Combine the pieces and enjoy the unique camera strap! Plastic slide buckles are used not only in belts, but also in the clothing industry as a decorative element. All slide buckles in the assortment of our warehouse are made of durable plastic. They are available in black and olive green in various sizes.

Adjustable straps in accessories for children

Plastic slide buckles along with other elements such as buckles and plastic rectangle rings are very often used in the production of accessories for babies and children. They are perfect for multifunctional baby strollers, as a harness that protects the child from falling out of the pram when using the pushchair function. The slide buckles are also suitable for special bags that can be put on the handle of the stroller. They are also indispensable elements for baby carriers, car seats and special safety seats intended for traveling with a child on a bicycle. Where else can plastic slide buckles be used? There are many goodies that are designed to make it easier for young children to play and learn various activities. Some of them require the use of safety measures in the form of harnesses. The use of safety belts with slide buckles facilitates the safe and comfortable use of accessories such as mat beds with hanging toys and harness for learning how to walk.

Plastic haberdashery - online wholesaler Berotex

Plastic slide buckles, in order to fulfill their function, require the use of other plastic accessories made of durable plastic. Before selecting these elements, you need to decide on a tape that will act as a belt or harness. It must be a tape that matches the size of the slide buckle and other plastic accessories, and also matches the overall design. Already have the tape? Now choose how to attach the strap. This can be done in several ways. If you want to be able to detach the strap, for example from the body of the bag, use plastic snap hooks or buckles. In the case of backpacks, you can also use special tape stops. If the strap is to be permanently attached to the product, use plastic rectangle buckle rings or D-rings that will connect the individual elements of the product. Yet another solution for permanently attaching the harness or belt is simply sewing them on. However, remember to choose durable threads that will not break even under very heavy loads.

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