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Products from category Nylon fabrics

nylon fabrics

Nylon fabrics - durable polyamide materials

Nylon fabrics are durable and waterproof materials made of polyamides. Due to their properties, they are recommended in products requiring very good durability and water resistance. Nylon fabric is used to sew bags, backpacks or medical bags. It is also used in the footwear industry. In our offer, nylon fabrics are available in two thicknesses 190D and 420D, as well as in the form of super-strong codura with a strong 1000D weave.

Polyamide fabrics in Berotex - Codura 1000D nylon

Our offer has been joined by a codon with a 1000D weave . The material has a special resistance to weather conditions. The left side of the material has been finished with polyurethane to increase its tightness. Thus, the codura fabric does not lose its strength parameters under the influence of various conditions. What's more, the weave of the material prevents any possible tear from growing. We sell Codura on the meters as well as in whole beams.

Polyamide and polyester fabrics in Berotex

Leathercloth fabrics must be made of durable synthetic fibers due to their applicability. This type of material is intended for the production of tourist bags, sports bags, rucksacks, tents, suitcases, covers, garden and zoological accessories. Depending on the needs, our customers can choose from polyamide and polyester coated fabrics. You're welcome.

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