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nylon 420 d pvc

420D PVC nylon fabrics - strong and watertight

Nylon fabrics are renowned for their strength, tensile strength and water resistance. They owe their properties to synthetic polyamide fibers from which they were created. Thickness 420D is a fabric weave: 210 fibers vertically and 210 fibers horizontally per 1 in 2. Polyamide fabric is recommended for creating products in many industries. It will be used in the production of travel and medical bags.

Nylon fabrics - made of polyamide with PVC finishing

In the current Berotex offer, you'll find nylon fabrics with a rubber coated material-colored coating. Thanks to the finish made of polyvinyl chloride, the fabric is tight, additionally reinforced and has waterproof properties. What else is worth knowing about coated materials? In the case of fabrics made of polyamide fibers, you can see saturated colors - expressive colors will surely emphasize many products.

Thickness of nylon fabrics - what to look for?

Determination of the weave eg 210D affects the thickness of the fabric, and thus its strength. The letter at the weave tells you whether the material has been additionally finished with some finishing. If the letter "D" is visible in the weave then it means that we are dealing with a fabric with a coating. However, "T" speaks about fabrics without finishing (on the left side of the material). If you are looking for durable fabrics, choose those with a high weave designation, such as codura 1000D .

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