8 mm waterproof zipper tape

An zipper that prevents water and wind from entering? It can be created thanks to special splash-proof tapes. They are an excellent solution in clothing and various types of tourist accessories.

Thanks to the waterproof coating made of a material similar in structure to rubber, the tapes are perfect for rain and outdoor jackets. Its properties can also strengthen shoes, preventing water from entering.

One of the most popular uses for splash-proof zipper tapes is in accessories such as hiking backpacks, as well as tents and sleeping bags. In this way, they will protect not only against water getting under the material, but also seal against strong wind.

Thanks to the fact that the tapes can be cut to the necessary length, there will be no problem with sewing a zipper into small products as well as those with large dimensions.

Choose 8 mm waterproof tapes in the Berotex wholesale of fabrics and leathercraft accessories!

Splash-proof Coil Zipper Tape 8

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Taśmy suwakowe bryzgoszczelne

8 mm splash-proof coil zipper tape - for waterproof fabrics

Many products are exposed to the adverse effects of various factors, including weather conditions. When creating this type of products, special attention should be paid to the use of durable and waterproof elements. Why choose 8 mm splash-proof zipper tape for this purpose? It is covered with a special high-quality coating that reflects water. Therefore, it is perfect for the production of such products from the tourist industry as mountain backpacks, travel suitcases, sleeping bags, tents or covers. It is especially important to use waterproof elements also for work and specialist clothing. We offer splash-proof tapes in size 8 mm in a universal - black color, in weights of 29 g/m (hanks of 200 m) and 27.2 g/m (hanks of 182 m). Buy them with splash-proof zippers in the color of the tape and create a waterproof zipper for special tasks! Sliders are available in two sizes 5 mm and 8 mm and are sold in collective packages of 100, 500 or 1000 pcs.

8 mm waterproof zipper tape - protection against water and wind

Zippers created using 8 mm splash-proof zipper tape give your products unique protection because they are covered with a special rubber-like material. Thanks to the use of such a coating, the tape prevents the penetration of water and snow, and also protects against wind. The tightness of the zipper works well in sportswear and outdoor clothing - these can be various types of sweatshirts, trousers or rain and windproof jackets. 8 mm and 5 mm splash-proof zipper tapes can be cut to any length and made into zippers (to be able to create a zipper, it is necessary to choose a properly matched zipper) for waterproof products. Waterproof fabrics such as quilted Oxford fabric or smooth polyester Oxford fabric are also perfect for their production.

Other types of zipper tapes available at the Berotex warehouse

In addition to 8 mm waterproof zipper tapes, we also offer 5 mm splash-proof zipper tapes, ideal for garments. The Berotex warehouse also offers other types of zipper tapes: metal and coil tapes without a splash-proof coating. Metal tapes are perfect for the production of footwear, stylish tourist suitcases, as well as women's and men's bags and wallets. 3 mm and 5 mm coil tapes (in various weights), 8 mm and 10 mm will help create a variety of projects for professionals and sewing enthusiasts. From pockets, through cosmetic bags, bed covers, to furniture upholstery, backpacks and travel suitcases. Please visit our "Inspirations" board on Pinterest. There are lots of creative DIY ideas out there! Create your own original jewelry, decorative elements and many other products using coil and metal zipper tapes. We invite you!

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