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Webbing and elastic tapes - rubber ribbons, flat rubber, hook and loop tapes

Our offer includes carrier belts, flat rubber, rubber ribbons, hook and loop tapes and reflective tapes.

Support straps or webbing tapes have many applications. The size of the tape and the material from which it was made will affect its properties. Cotton carrying tapes are used in outdoor clothing, leather products and furniture. Polypropylene tapes with high resistance to tearing and friction are used as straps, bag holders, blinds, or animal leashes.

Hook and loop tape is often an imperceptible element in everyday use items. It is the task of textile reusable fastening, among others in jackets, backpacks, shoes, or in cable ties. Hook and loop tapes are also useful in the automotive or medical industry. Hook and loop properties depend on the fibers from which they were made. Nylon hook and loop tapes in their composition contain durable and resistant to external factors polyamide fibers. Polyester-nylon yarns are characterized by high durability and depth of color. Our offer also includes self-adhesive hook and loop as an interesting alternative to traditional assembly methods.

Round rubber is a functional element in many products. Elastic cords are used as welts in jackets, shoes or backpacks. Gumosznurki are also used in stationery articles, advertising tags and haberdashery and hairdressing.

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