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Velour fabrics

Flock fabrics - polyester velor fabric

Flock fabric called velor is formed in the flocking process, when the substrate is covered with fine hairs, e.g. synthetic polyester fibers. Flocked fabrics are ideally suited as lining materials, for example in decorative boxes or leather goods products. In our offer you will find a delicate and thin flock material with good strength and abrasion resistance. Available in a sewing or gluing version as well as a self-adhesive flock.

Flock material - delicate and pleasant to the touch

Floki are known primarily as excellent materials for substrates in museum and exhibition cases. Their texture in the form of short and fine polyester fibers is a great basis for displaying various items. In addition, they are easy to clean and resistant to abrasion. Increasingly, they are used in all production and renovation of furniture. We recommend our flock as a lining in decorative boxes and boxes, as well as an interior in biwuarach, case and as an alternative to lining in bags.

Flock in the zoological industry

In our offer you will find a delicate and thin flock, which can be successfully used in the zoological industry, usually for the production of small accessories. They are usually braces for small animals, ie dogs, cats, rabbits or guinea pigs. In Berotex, you will also find a quilted flock with additional warming made of owats. This type of flock material is mainly recommended for the creation of fancy items such as bags, sacks, covers and for the production of jackets and vests.

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