Patches and ID badges holders

How to make bags and backpacks functional and properly marked in case of loss? It has been said that the simplest solutions are the best, so it is worth using small, simple plastic elements!

To place contact information, simply use a rectangular patch with the necessary information about the owner of the baggage. What will be useful for every music lover? Of course, headphones. However, to be able to use them on the go, it is good to have special port holes in your backpack or bag. To create them, it is worth using rectangular patches that allow you to pass the cable.

This category also includes special cards that allow you to create IDs for employees or participants of various events. All accessories that facilitate the use of luggage and their identification can be found in the wide offer of the Berotex wholesaler.

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Patches and badges

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Patches ID Badge Holders

Patches and badges for bags, backpacks and suitcases

The Berotex wholesale offer includes functional plastic and rubber accessories that will allow for more comfortable use of products such as backpacks, bags and suitcases. We offer rubber address patches made of high-quality plastic. The address badge will be perfect for backpacks, travel bags or suitcases. Why do we recommend using this type of badge in suitcases and travel bags? Because if you lose your luggage, which unfortunately happens at airports, it will be easier to retrieve it. The patch in our assortment is embossed with the words "name" and "address", in addition to this information, we recommend that you enter also the telephone number. Do you need other accessories to keep your luggage secure and comfortable to use? Protect your luggage against opening by using metal padlocks with a combination lock. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of accessories for suitcases. 

Headphone port hole patch - in schoolbags and running backpacks

Headphone port hole patches are a real treat for younger and older music fans! Patches provide a protective port for the headphones. They are used in dedicated pockets for electronic devices, such as a telephone or music player. Where can such pockets be found? They can be both in school backpacks and travel backpacks. Rubber patches are also perfect for athletes who like and have the opportunity to listen to music during training. You can attach them, for example, to special running backpacks. Did you know that you can make a backpack with a patch yourself? Check out how to sew a backpack on our blog! In the finished backpack, on the selected pocket, cut a hole of the appropriate size and sew on the headphone port patch. Enjoy your new backpack! Don't forget to show it on social media, using hashtag: #createwithberotex.

Badges and accessories for company gadgets - Berotex wholesaler in Łódź

In our assortment of plastic accessories you will also find a transparent card - ID. It was made of a rigid PVC foil, thanks to which it does not bend and protects the paper data sheet inside. You can place the attached cardboard box with a printed frame or insert your own business card. The plastic card has a clip and a safety pin attached to the back. The use of two types of fasteners ensures that the clothes are not damaged when attached to different materials. Badges are used in many institutions: medical (in hospitals and medical clinics), offices as well as companies. In addition to badges, many brands also use gadgets with the company's logo. These can be, for example, lanyards that can be made with the help of many metal and plastic accessories available at the Berotex wholesaler. The trademark can be made both on the lanyard tape and on the plastic buckle.

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