Protective articles and nonwovens

In order to limit the entry of pollution and microorganisms, various types of protective articles such as masks, surgical aprons and overalls are used. Nonwovens with different properties are used for their production. Thanks to the foil-layer, laminated nonwovens have waterproof properties. SMS and Meltblown nonwovens are characterized by a high level of bacterial filtration rate.

Our offer includes nonwovens in various beams, as well as Meltblown and Spunbond in production sizes. Extremely important when buying a nonwoven fabric is the appropriate type of basis weight, which affects the properties of the finished product made of the material.

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Products from category Nonwoven

Medical nonwovens and protective accessories

In this category you will find various types of medical nonwovens and protective accessories for various applications. Among medical nonwovens, you can choose from two types of laminates: protective and breathable, nonwovens for the production of masks: meltblown and spunbond, as well as SMS nonwovens. Our nonwovens are certified and tested for bacterial filtration (Meltblown, SMS) and the action of synthetic blood under pressure (laminates). Among the protective items you will find disposable masks and reusable masks, protective face shields, SMS non-woven protective surgical gowns, as well as waterproof hooded coveralls - fastened with a zipper.

Protective masks, coveralls, face shields

Are you looking for protective articles? You will find them with us! Our offer includes disposable and reusable masks, as well as protective coveralls and face shields. Depending on what type of mask you need, you can choose from masks made of 100% cotton, which are a combination of cotton and the polypropylene nonwoven fabric spunbond or made of layers of polypropylene nonwoven. All types of masks available in our offer are equipped with elastic bands. We also have masks with a so-called nose clip, which makes the mask fit better to the face. White coveralls made of soft non-woven fabric are fastened with a zipper covered with an additional layer of material. Coveralls are finished with special cuffs on the sleeves, legs and on the hood. The face shields that you will find in our assortment are equipped with comfortable, adjustable straps (different colors of straps available) and are a great alternative to masks.

Reusable masks

A perfect solution if you do not want to use disposable masks are reusable masks. Contrary to disposable masks, there is no need to change them every few minutes, and after a walk, visit to the store or after returning from work, it is enough to wash the mask, iron it and use it again. Reusable masks are made of materials that can be easily washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Face mask: putting on, using, taking off, washing

It is very important not only to wear the mask, but also to take it off and put it on correctly. Regardless of whether you use disposable or reusable masks, wash your hands before putting on the mask. While using the mask, you should not touch it. You should also wash your hands before removing the protective mask, take it off by its elastic bands. If you use reusable masks, wash them at 60 degrees, and after washing, iron them with an iron heated to 180 degrees.

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