Plastic triangle buckle - comfort and functionality

Comfortable adjustment and dividing the straps on backpacks? It is possible thanks to special plastic triangle buckles! Perfect for the production of backpacks and bags, especially those in a sporty style.

Specially profiled triangles enable the attachment of various types of webbings and hooks, and thanks to the flat slots, they can act as slide buckles. You can perfectly match them with handles and straps with a width of 25 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm and 40 mm. Black color of durable plastic? It goes well with any accessory: polyester or cotton fabrics, plastic and metal! That is why you can easily create products for sports enthusiasts, as well as for those who value comfort on a daily basis.

We recommend our plastic triangle buckles primarily to those who create their products on a large scale, because we sell them in large - wholesale packages of 100, 200 or 500 pieces. Choose various types of triangle buckles for bags and backpacks at Berotex - the online wholesale store!

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Plastic Triangle Buckles

Plastic triangle buckles - accessories for bags

Elements of plastic haberdashery are used in the production of leather goods, shoes and advertising gadgets. Plastic accessories for handbags play a decorative and functional role. Due to their characteristic shape, plastic triangle buckles enable the creation of handles and separation of straps, webbings or other fabric on a given product. That is why they are a very popular solution used in sports and tourist accessories such as backpacks or bags. Depending on the variant, this type of fastener can be mounted simply on a triangle or in a specially profiled hole. The Berotex warehouse offer includes plastic leathercraft triangle buckles made of durable and load-resistant plastic. They are available in sizes 25 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm, in black. You can buy them in bulk in packages of 100, 200 or 500 pieces.

Plastic fasteners for backpacks, bags and other gadgets

Triangle buckles are not the only type of plastic accessories that you can buy at the Berotex online warehouse. In our assortment ou will also find many other plastic accessories such as snap hooks, buckles, D-rings, slide buckles and slide loops. Thanks to them, you can easily match the type of connector to any unique project. How to apply individual elements? Plastic snap hooks will work well in sports bags and advertising lanyards. Buckles with a simple fastening mechanism will be an excellent solution for fastening (and unfastening) comfortable fanny packs. D-rings and slide loops play a similar role to the plastic triangle buckles. Sewn to bags, they allow you to attach handles or detachable straps. In many sports accessories, regardless of the connector used, plastic slide buckles are a very useful element. Thanks to them, it is easy to adjust the length or circumference of the straps to the individual user.

Plastic or metal - what elements to choose?

Plastic or metal - that is the question! What does it depend on which type of accessories should be used in the project? First of all, you need to consider the functionality and style of the product. In the case of tourist accessories, it is worth focusing on elements made of plastic accessories. Why? Because these types of products are exposed to external factors, such as rain, which will not damage the plastic accessories. Another option is to choose stainless steel accessories. If you are looking for solutions on a daily basis, a combination of plastic and metal may be an excellent choice. They will create accessories in a sporty style with a touch of elegance. Such solutions can be found more and more often in casual backpacks and handbags. In classic handbags and wallets (both women's and men's), it's good to use metal accessories in matching electrolytic coatings. What elements will be the best for your products?

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