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Steel rivets - for belts, bags, footwear and clothing

Joining together flat materials requires the use of appropriate tools, such as rivets. Our shop offers leathercraft rivets, used in the clothing, footwear, advertising and printing industries. The offer includes decorative rivets, double-sided rivets, one-sided rivets, as well as tubular rivets and screwed rivets that do not require the use of a leather-crimping tool. They are perfect as reinforcing, connecting or protecting textile or leather products.

Rivets and leathercraft rivets

Thanks to saddlery and leathercraft rivets, you will create a strong and inseparable connection. Due to the better strength of such a connection, the product can withstand greater loads. It is important, for example, in animal leashes or handles in bags or briefcases. How to dismount such a connection? Disassembly of the rivet is possible by breaking the head (this does not apply to bolted rivets, which can be disconnected at any time).

Accessories for leather goods

Not only the rivets create a decorative accent in the products. For decorative finishing of products, mainly metal studs or rivets with a decorative head are used. They can also be dome rivets or double-sided rivets, which are finished on both sides with the head. But the metal accessories are not the end! Although the flash of metal looks very interesting, we also recommend snap hooks and other accessories made of high quality plastic.

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