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Zipper tapes are a clever solution that allows you to create a zipper from scratch. How it's working? You choose the right type of tape (the larger its size and grammage, the better it will work on products of various sizes), buy and cut to any length.

Coil tapes, also known as cord tapes, are among the most universal, not only because of their construction, but also because of their rich colors. Zipper tapes with metal teeth will work perfectly in classic handbags, as well as elegant, men's and women's wallets.

Regardless of which type you choose, you will easily create unique projects with exactly the zippers you need. Zipper tapes are also a great way for creative solutions. Why? Because they allow you to create interesting jewelry and clothing accessories. We cordially invite you to choose various types of zipper tapes in the Berotex online wholesale store!

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Zipper tapes - coil, metal and splash-proof

Today, we cannot imagine a handbag or suitcase without a zipper. It also appears in many clothing products and serves as a functional fastener as well as a decorative element. What is a zipper? What are the most important elements of a zipper? First of all, it is made of a zipper tape and a slider. If you need a custom length zipper, you can make it yourself! All you have to do is buy a zipper tape and the appropriate slider and you're ready! How to use the zipper tape? Just cut it to the length you need and then put on the slider. This way you get a zipper that you can use wherever you want. How to aesthetically finish a zipper tape, e.g. in a handbag? We recommend special fittings in the form of a tip with a characteristic shape, which is put on the zipper tape. Which zipper tape to choose? What is the difference between coil and metal zipper tape? When choosing a tape, pay attention to the fastening chain. It can be made of plastic or metal (characteristic teeth). In the Berotex warehouse, we offer many types of zipper tapes: coil (spiral), metal, and splash-proof 5 mm and splash-proof 8 mm - covered with a waterproof coating. Come and visit!

Wholesale zipper tapes at Berotex Łódź - create the zipper you need

Are you looking for a zipper with an unusual length? We are in a hurry to help! Zipper tapes will be the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the fact that the tape can be cut anywhere, you can make a zipper of any length you want and need. Tapes combined with a slider will create a practical zipper tailored to your handbag, jacket, pillowcase or cover design. Leathercraft zipper tapes or metal zipper tapes? Choose from a full range of colors and sizes! Looking for more? In addition to them, you will also find waterproof zipper tapes for tents, covers or garden upholstery, as well as popular zipper tapes for bedding in size 3 mm.What should a good quality zipper tape have? First of all, tearing strength, relative flexibility, color fastness and uniform dimensions of the connecting chain. The price of zipper tapes is also important - we guarantee that you will buy a great quality zipper tape at an attractive price.

Leathercraft, metal and bedding zipper tapes - an alternative to buttons, snaps, snaps and hooks

Zippers, despite their rather simple construction, create a strong and comfortable closure that is widely used in many industries. With zipper tapes, you can create a discreet zipper in elegant dresses or lace wedding dresses, as well as make bedding zippers for duvet covers and pillowcases. They can also be successfully used in handbags, shoes and even in the production of jewelry. You can combine the zipper tape with any material - thin fabric, strong codura or artificial leather. As you can see, the use of zipper tape is really wide! We have a great range of zipper tape for you. How about rainbow zipper tape? This is an absolute hit in products for large and small projects. At Berotex, we provide convenient and fast shopping. In one place you can buy everything you need, including sliders for the zipper tape. Choose the right size and start designing! We are waiting for your ideas.

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