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Tkanina poliestrowa sublimacyjna 180g PU biała
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SKU: TP-SUB-180G-75

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zł593.00, tax excl.
zł729.39 tax incl.
  • 1 MB(zł9.50 / MB)
  • 75 MB(zł7.51 / MB)
  • 76 MB(zł7.50 / MB)
  • 77 MB(zł7.51 / MB)
  • 78 MB(zł7.50 / MB)
  • 79 MB(zł7.51 / MB)
Available in stock

Polyester sublimation fabric 240g PU white

SKU: TP-SUB-240G-501-75


zł11.00, tax excl.
zł13.53 tax incl.
  • 1 MB(zł11.00 / MB)
  • 75 MB(zł8.50 / MB)
  • 79 MB(zł8.50 / MB)

Sublimation polyester fabric

Sublimation fabric - polyester fabric for printing

Sublimation fabrics are characterized by high fiber stabilization. This is important when using a printing technique using the phenomenon of sublimation, where under special conditions printing is performed on the object covered with polyester varnish or polyester fibers. This type of printing is used mainly in the advertising industry, but not only. Various patterns on fabrics are also appreciated, among others in leather-making or in the textile industry.

Fabrics for sublimation printing at the Berotex Łódź warehouse

Using sublimation printing, you can make prints on various surfaces, including polyester fabrics. Printed materials with various patterns look beautiful in such products as handbags, backpacks or covers. Thanks to the possibility of printing on polyester fabrics, you can create a personalized theme that will make many users happy! The colors are saturated, and the printing itself is very expressive and durable, because the polyester fibers take on permanent dyes.

Polyester fabrics - PVC or PU coated

Polyester fabrics are materials that are characterized by durability, durability and susceptibility to dyeing, as well as printing. In our online shop you will find coated fabrics as well as materials for sublimation printing on the left side finished with polyurethane finishing. We also recommend PES fabrics with PVC coating , which are quite stiff in the grip and are great for leather goods.

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