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Products from category Quilted polyester fabric

Quilted polyester fabric

Quilted fabrics - honeycombs, diamonds and braids

With fashion we are up to date! That's why our range could not lack quilted fabrics! The offered pikes are waterproof, light, soft in the hold and have beautiful designs! A picnic with honey combs or a classic diamond / check pattern? Or maybe a Premium Pencil with a characteristic pattern of a braid of rectangles with rhombuses? For the color to choose from! All OXFORD quilted fabrics can be purchased at meters with us.

OXFORD picnics - for jackets, bags, kidneys, suitcases

Pickled pellets are excellent materials for clothing and haberdashery products. Quilted jacket fabrics in combination with a tailoring lining will allow you to create an autumn jacket or a fashionable coat. Thin and light quilted fabric is also perfect for sewing vests, clothing for animals, as well as in everyday and beach bags. Waterproof quilted fabrics are waiting for you in our Berotex online store.

Fabrics quilted with ultrasounds - a strong and aesthetic combination of fabric and owats

The needleless quilting of fabrics allows to maintain a uniform structure of materials. Welding the fabric and insulation thanks to ultrasounds allows you to preserve the properties of all the elements of the pickaxe. Thanks to the ultrasonic quilting process, you can also get original patterns on a chosen fabric: from classic rhombuses to more decorative ones, eg in the shape of leaves. Regardless of which one you choose, we are convinced that you will create a super bag, jacket or basket for children's toys.

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