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Anti slip fabrics

Non-slip fabrics - for many applications

The task of non-slip fabrics is to prevent sliding or moving elements on the ground. Anti-slip properties gives the fabric a special continuous rubber layer or a dotted layer of rubber or silicone. Non-slip material can be used in garden cushions, animal beds or slippers and socks for children. In our assortment you will find non-slip fabrics covered with PVC, PU and non-slip nonwoven coatings with PP coating.

Anti-slip polyester fabric - for seat and slippers

If you are looking for a non-slip conquest for seats and mats, try our fabrics! In Berotex you will find non-slip fabrics coated on one side with PVC rubber with a rough structure or in the form of rubber protrusions. The first type of non-slip materials will be perfect in the form of hemming handles or arms in tactical vests. However, fabrics with a dotted layer will be perfect as hand trousers in shoes and slippers for children and for mats and rugs. We sell non-slip fabrics both by the meter and entire beams.

Non-slip materials - take care of comfort and safety

I guess everyone in his childhood liked to slip in the same socks! All children love having fun, but it is worth taking care of them during their safety. For the little ones who are just taking their first steps, we recommend slippers with a raise that resists. Thanks to the fabric with a rubber raise, children will find it easier to learn how to walk. Are you looking for other products that affect the safety of your child? Look in the category of reflective tapes .

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