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fixing set for eyelets

Crushers for eyelets - hummers for the pigeon box

Crimping tools are special crimping tools that enable the attachment of, for example, meshes to a given material. The eyes effectively finish the hole in the material. They are used in various industries, from clothing to advertising and upholstery. What to pay attention to when choosing mesh crimps? It is important that the size of the hoes matches the size of the pond. If you are not sure if you have chosen well - let us know! We will be happy to help you :)

Scooters sizes - what do they mean?

Crimps are designed for specific mesh sizes. When selecting them, attention is paid first to the inner diameter of the mesh. At the mesh, always three sizes are given, e.g. 5/10/7. The first one is the inside diameter, the second one is about the outside diameter and the third is the height of the mesh collar. When selecting a kneader, remember that it is the inside diameter of the mesh that indicates how well it fits.

Press for punching eyelets

How to assemble metal eyelets in the material? It's easy! All you need is a press equipped with a suitable muld or manual crusher that fits the mesh size. Use the cutter to first make a hole in the leatherette or fabric . The eyelet consists of two parts: a collar and a washer. The collar is the right side of the eye that is not killed. The pad, however, is the left part of the mesh, which is crimped. Properly place the mesh parts in the hole and bend with the press. Ready!

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