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Which accessories will be the best belt fastener in various sports accessories? Plastic snap hooks! Various sizes of hooks and widths of the tape holes allow the snap hooks to be adapted to many sizes of straps, handles or lanyards.

It is they that allow you to fasten, unfasten and possibly change the shoulder strap in sports bags. They also create various functionalities in tourist backpacks, making it possible to attach smaller, bulky elements.

Thanks to their high strength, the carabiners are also suitable for attaching various types of accessories to baby strollers. Smaller hooks are perfect for lanyards on badges, as well as for hanging keys. Other gadgets that will be particularly well suited for plastic swivel snap hooks are pet leashes. The use of these elements made of plastic will allow easy attachment of a collar or a harness. 

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Plastic Snap Hooks

Plastic snap hooks - for sports bags and backpacks

Plastic snap hooks are made of high-quality, heavy-duty plastic. Snap hooks are used in straps for sports bags and in backpacks to attach various elements. Thanks to the carabiners, you can easily attach and connect various items. An interesting idea for their use is to attach a hook to reusable bottles and water bottles, and then attach it to a backpack. Our offer includes plastic hooks that are used as carabiners for bags, covers or travel accessories. They are also perfect for baby strollers, for hanging special bags for necessary accessories for young parents. We also recommend using carabiners for the production of advertising lanyards along with other plastic accessories such as buckles or plastic tags. Need a snap hook for keys? A plastic hook will be perfect for this purpose. Snap hooks are available in various shapes and sizes.

Plastic swivel snap hook at the Berotex warehouse

Are you looking for a plastic, swivel snap hook for keys, advertising lanyards, backpacks or other projects? You will find a wide range of plastic snap hooks, both swivel and non-swivel, at Berotex - the fabrics and leather-craft accessories online wholesaler. Why choose a swivel snap hook? Thanks to this possibility, you can easily straighten the straps of sports bags. Mounted on various types of accessories, they facilitate the use of products, prevent tangling of elements, as well as connecting with other parts of products and accessories. In addition to plastic swivel snap hooks, our assortment also includes swivel metal carabiners that will work perfectly in combination with other metal elements.   

Plastic or metal snap hook - which one to choose?

Are you considering buying a snap hook for your project, but you don't know whether to choose a metal or a plastic one? The decision depends on what you want to use the snap hook for. The unquestionable advantage of plastic snap hooks is that they are light and when you need to attach more hooks, they will definitely work. Plastic clasps are especially recommended for use with sports accessories such as bags and backpacks, the sports character of which will be emphasized by black matt snap hooks. Metal carabiners are best for projects that require the use of elegant accessories, for example for women's and men's leather bags. Did you know that plastic and metal snap hooks can be used for sewing pet accessories? Metal hooks work well with leashes and accessories for larger animals. Plastic snap hooks are perfect for leashes for small animals, and already fixed snap hooks can be attached to metal or plastic D-rings mounted on a harness or collar.

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