Plastic bag handles

What to do to comfortably hold, drive and carry your suitcase? To create it, use plastic handles which, thanks to special profiling and/or plates, are comfortable and extremely convenient to use, even during long journeys. The plastic from which the handles are made ensures a firm grip and prevents the luggage from slipping out of the hand.

Properly attached handles can withstand even heavy loads. What type of handle will suit your suitcase? Flat, soft, stiff, profiled, or maybe movable? Regardless of which one you choose, it's worth mentioning that these accessories can be used not only in suitcases, but also sports bags, laptop cases or business briefcases.

You can choose the handles available at the Berotex warehouse in a variant for assembling in the mounting holes or placed on sewn-in, tape handles. Black handles and metal mounts will surely help you to efficiently use and carry luggage. We invite you for shopping!

Plastic handles

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Plastic Handles for Bags

Plastic handles for bags, suitcases, backpacks 

Plastic handles are used in the production of suitcases, handbags, backpacks and other leather goods. Bag handles are a very important functional and decorative element. Plastic lugs make it easier and more comfortable to lift heavy luggage. The interesting shape of the handle emphasizes the appearance of the product, and thanks to special profiling, it allows comfortable holding and not slipping out of the hand. These accessories are also perfect as handles for suitcases on wheels and will allow them to be freely guided. The assortment includes black, plastic, flat, profiled and mobile handles for bags. They are available in many sizes and all are made of load-resistant plastic, so they can be used not only for small, but also large and heavier suitcases. At the Berotex online store, you will find both handles with mounting holes that are installed directly on the suitcase, and handles that are applied to the webbing tapes.

Metal accessories for making handles

Ready handles for bags and suitcases are not everything. Our assortment also includes special metal elements, which, together with accessories made of various materials, will enable the creation of extremely resistant and personalized handles. Metal handle, two handles, strip and two fasteners in the colors of nickel, black nickel or old gold. It is these elements that will be needed to form the basis of the handle. What's next? The aforementioned accessories are specially designed to hemm them with fabrics, soft foams or artificial leather and create original products tailored to the user. Therefore, at the design stage, it is worth considering what material you will use. Depending on the style of the product, you can choose classic or bright colors of the materials used. The hemming handle will be perfect for colorful suitcases, which do not fit standard - black handles, as well as for elegant bags, and men's and women's briefcases.

Accessories for suitcases and travel bags at the Berotex warehouse

Handles are very important elements in suitcases. However, there are many more accessories that will come in handy when creating them, and they will also work well for backpacks and travel bags. With this type of products, you can use both metal (buckles, snap hooks) and plastic elements (slide buckles, slide loops). In the case of suitcases, it is worth ensuring that they have durable wheels as well as securing feet pads and foot stands. To reduce the risk of losing luggage, it is best to sew an address badge with the owner details on it. Additional protection, should the backpack or suitcase fall into the wrong hands, can be a small metal padlock with a combination lock. Do you sew a travel bag from scratch? Choose durable fabrics, accessories and stiffening materials for its production, and you will be able to enjoy a durable and resistant product for years. We invite you to shop at the Berotex warehouse!

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