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Eyelets - hole cutters for eyelets

How to cut holes in leather, leatherette or fabric under the meshes? It is very easy! In our offer there are special eyelets, thanks to which you will cut a hole in the chosen material. You can use a manual punch for holes, or if you already have a leather-type press with interchangeable tips - buy a punch intended for this device. Regardless of what you choose, you can easily create a round hole under the eyelet.

What is worth remembering when cutting holes in the material?

The size of the hole made must be appropriate to the size of metal accessories that you intend to attach to the material. Punching machines - cutters are available in different diameters, so you should make the right purchase. If you want to attach a bag, you should first make a slightly smaller hole than the mesh size. It is good when the material has little resistance when inserting metal elements.

Securing the material when cutting holes

When cutting holes, it's worth remembering one more thing: some materials will require additional reinforcement. Thanks to it, the attached element will not fall out and will not damage, for example, a delicate fabric. For fabrics of clothing and light materials it is enough to use non-woven material, while in bags it will be necessary to strengthen stronger, for example in the form of a wigophyll with a high basis weight.

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