Splash-proof Coil Zipper Tape 5 mm

What zippers to use in waterproof products? Of course, those that will not allow water to get in! The so-called size 5 mm splash-proof zippers will be an ideal solution for the production of rainwear and various types of hiking accessories.

The secret of waterproof tapes lies in a special rubberized coating that not only keeps water out, but also protects against wind. Thanks to the fact that the tape can be cut to any length, you can easily adjust it to individual products. You can use them to create small pockets in outdoor jackets, fasteners in waterproof covers and sleeping bags, as well as zippers in medium-sized backpacks and tourist bags.

The 5 mm water-repellent zippers will definitely not let a single drop of water get in and will protect your luggage or clothing under the outer garment. At Berotex you can buy a waterproof zipper tape in a wholesale quantity of 200 rm!

Splash-proof Coil Zipper Tape 5

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Splash-proof Coil Zipper Tape 5 mm - buy online at Berotex

Ready-made zippers of a certain length, although functional and produced in a wide range of sizes, may sometimes turn out to be insufficient. Why? Some products require the use of a zipper with a non-standard length. We are talking, for example, about personalized covers for various garden equipment, musical instruments or electronics. Couldn't find an instant zipper of a specific length? We have a solution for that - create it yourself! In the Berotex leathercraft accessories wholesaler, you will find a wide selection of zipper tapes, from which you can create a zipper of any length, so that it fits perfectly to the sewn jacket, backpack or cover. In addition to standard coil and metal zipper tapes, you will find splash-proof (watertight) zipper tapes with a special water-reflective coating. With this type of tape, you can create a waterproof zipper in no time, which is not afraid of rain! For a zipper with a waterproof coating, we also recommend special sliders. Remember to match the size of the slider to the size of the tape.  

Water resistant coil zipper tapes

In waterproof zippers, the tape is covered with a material that may resemble rubber. This coating is impervious to water in light rain and snow, as well as effectively protects against wind. The tightness of the zipper is used especially in sports and outdoor clothing (all kinds of rainproof, windproof, softshell and fleece jackets), as well as in backpacks, covers and other products exposed to adverse weather conditions. In our Berotex warehouse, we offer splash-proof coil zipper tapes in size 5 mm, which we recommend for the production of mountain backpacks, travel suitcases, work and specialist clothing, sleeping bags, tents, and covers. We sell them in hanks of 200 meters. They are available in a classic black color that always fits perfectly! By the way, check out other products from our offer! For the waterproof zipper tape, also choose waterproof fabrics such as OXFORD or codura.

Zipper tapes, zippers and sliders in the Berotex warehouse - great prices, wholesale and retail.

Why is it worth buying from us? Berotex online wholesaler from Łódź offers a wide selection of textiles and accessories necessary in the work of a leatherworker, tailor and shoemaker, as well as every sewing lover! At Berotex you will find durable polyester and nylon fabrics, sewing threads, metal fittings and plastic accessories. With our products, you can create a comfortable waterproof backpack for forest and mountain hiking or an everyday urban backpack. We know that our e-wholesale attracts more and more customers, which is why we are constantly expanding our range so that you can always be surprised with the variety of our products. Be sure to also check out the company blog and get some knowledge and motivation! We hope that our products will become a source of creative inspiration for you! Follow us on social media and stay up to date by following our hashtags #createberotex.

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