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Knocking bags - functional fasteners for many products

Knopiki is not only metal decorations in fancy or jewelery products. They act as a stylish fastener that fits perfectly with products made of leather. They are also used as parts regulating the length of eg straps. Knopiki consist of two parts: a hat and a screw-in base. They can be quickly and easily attached to a given material. In our offer, knops are available in various color coatings resistant to abrasion.

Knitted twisted pockets - leather fastenings

Do you want to make a decorative clasp in leather bracelets or belts? And maybe you can quickly combine layers of fabric? Use poles, otherwise known as knops. To fix them, you do not need special equipment, it's enough to screw the two pieces of knopik together. You can also use them to embellish other products, such as shoes, bags, backpacks and even clothes. The advantage of twisted knopiks is the possibility of multiple use.

Layered joining materials - what will you need?

Tailoring and leather-making are two crafts in which accuracy matters. What to do when you need a lot of sizes with ideal sizes? Will be useful buckle spreading - responsible for holding the multiple layers so as not to shift during cutting. Cutting finished? It's time to combine! Sew pieces of leather or fabric, or use metal rivets or twisted knops.

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