Colorful coil zipper tapes 3 mm

How to diversify clothing and haberdashery projects, such as cosmetic bags and purses? Using colorful #3 coil zipper tapes as a zipper! The small size of the sliders will certainly not burden small accessories, and thanks to the fact that it has a coil, the lock will be very durable.

Size #3 tapes are also recommended for sewing into bed linen, and when properly attached, they are practically invisible on white and multicolored pillowcases. Where else could a splash of color be needed on the zippers? In school pencil cases, of course! A variety of colors of the zipper tapes will allow you to match the shade to the most sophisticated designs.

Colorful spiral tapes can be perfect inserts in sports sweatshirts, and can also be used to fasten pockets. The tapes can be freely cut, so they fit easily into small and large accessories. We invite you to choose juicy colors of zipper tapes at!

Coil Zipper Tape 3

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nylon zipper long chain 3

Coil zipper tape 3 mm - online wholesale

Coil zipper tape with a cord is one of the most popular tapes of this type. Created with a size #3 tape and matching size slider the coil zips are perfect for creating pockets and making toiletry bags, pencil cases, wallets and other accessories. They are also great for products that require an almost invisible zipper, for example wedding dresses, also with lace elements. Coil zipper tapes allow you to prepare durable zippers because they have a special reinforcement. For this reason, they are also recommended for the production of furniture upholstery and for sewing pillowcases. It might seem that a durable zipper tape should be thick enough to really work well for various types of products. This is a misconception! Contrary to appearances, a tape with a small thickness can be durable and be a functional and subtle addition. At Berotex you can buy #3 coil zipper tapes in whole hanks.

White zipper tape for bedding and decorative pillows

Lightweight zipper tapes are perfect for creating bedding zippers. What color will be the best? The answer is clear, both literally and figuratively, because the best choice for bedding zippers will be a white zipper tape. Why white? Because it is a universal color that will match any bedding, without the risk of dyeing during washing. The white zipper tape can also be used to create stylish covers for decorative pillows. What material to combine it with?  Cotton CANVAS fabric in a natural shade. will work best for this. It is a material that has a texture similar to painting canvas and has waterproof properties. Prefer a pillowcase in a different color? The fabric is available in several colors and you can easily match it with the #3 zipper tape in the perfect color.

Various sizes of zipper tapes in the Berotex warehouse

Zipper tape size #3 in the Berotex warehouse available in a wide range of colors in hanks of 200 rm. The offer includes black tapes with teeth in gold and silver and other colors (among others: burgundy, beige, gray, green, yellow) in various shades with teeth in the color of the tape. Need a tape in a different size? No problem, in our assortment you will also find trimmer tapes in sizes #5, #8 and #10. You will be able to match them to various types of projects, regardless of whether you sew professionally or do your hobby, for family and friends. We also recommend waterproof zipper tapes, thanks to which the products will survive all weather conditions. You can find them in two sizes #5 and #8. An interesting addition can also be bands with metal teeth (available in size #5 and #8), which are perfect for finishing bags, wallets, clothing and footwear.

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