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metal triangles

Metal triangles - leathercraft fittings for haberdashery products

Metal triangles are leather accessories, which are used as holders for straps in bags, bags, backpacks, vanity cases, sachets and leashes. Due to their characteristic shape, they are also used as tees separating straps and hooks. Leathercraft triangles and harness's triangles are also a decorative element, which is why they are also used in the footwear, clothing and decorative industries.

Leathercraft and leathercraft thimbles - for leather and more

Leather goods are associated with high quality - both material and additives used. Bags, wallets or leather belts are products that we want to enjoy for years, not just for one short season. That's why if you are looking for leathercraft fittings in great quality - it's good that you came to Berotex, and the leathercraft or leathercraft triangles are not the only solid products found in our offer.

Semi-finished products and accessories for making bags, belts, wallets etc.

At we have prepared for you a wide range of intermediates for bags, wallets, vanity cases, belts, animal and equestrian accessories, keyrings and gadgets. Metal or plastic? That is the question! You can find both elements of metal and plastic accessories. Now it's your turn! Choose material, type of fittings, size, order and create! Do not forget: mark your product with a hashtag # twórzzberotex so that we can tell others about it.

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