Sewing threads and needles for industrial machines

Sewing threads are an indispensable element among accessories and sewing accessories. Sew a button, darn torn fabric or make decorative embroidery. It is worth remembering about the correct selection of threads depending on the intended use of the product. In this way, you will be guaranteed an efficient sewing process and the final product will be fully functional.

What machine threads can you find at Berotex? We offer NTF and Ariadna threads. Among them there are reliable and durable leathercraft threads and threads for sewing clothes, footwear, furniture and car upholstery, as well as for making embroidery and decorative seams. We also sell threads for overlocks, embroidery machines, quilting machines and blind stitch machines.

Thinking about our customers, we have also prepared ready-made sets of universal sewing threads NTF 120 (40/2). They include 12 single or multi-colored spools with a beam of 1000 m. Such a set will be useful not only at home! We also recommend Schmetz needles for lockstitch machines and other sewing machines, as well as sewing lines.

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Sewing threads

Polyester and cotton threads for hand sewing and sewing machines

Threads are a staple in a sea of other tailoring accessories. They are used for simple work and repair. With their help, you can sew a button, tape and make a beautiful embroidery. What to look for when choosing sewing threads? Threads must be of high strength and high quality. They cannot break apart while sewing or using a given product. Clothing threads should be heat-resistant. Universal sewing threads are perfect for high-speed sewing machines. If you need threads for denim or threads for sewing leather, remember to buy threads resistant to friction and chemical agents, with high tear resistance. In our offer you will find cotton threads, polyester NTF threads and Ariadna threads as well as polyester-core threads for machine and hand sewing as well as threads for overlock. All available threads can be found in a wide range of colors.

Overlock threads - meet the brand of universal NTF sewing threads from Berotex

Overlock threads wholesaler Berotex invites you to shop online! Make a purchase in a quick and easy way to be able to sew as quickly as possible. Overlock allows for aesthetic and durable finishing of the edges of the fabric. With its help, you can roll up elastic knitted fabrics and textiles in no time. This machine requires the use of a different number of spools. There are 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-thread overlocks. Each of them has a different use. Overlock stitches are very versatile. They are used to decorate, strengthen or combine elements of clothing. That is why it is very important to choose only proven and the best overlock threads! Which ones? We recommend using NTF 120 (40/2) threads in a large beam - 5000 Y. In our online store you will find them in 400 colors. Welcome!


Threads for embroidery and decorative seams - let your patterns enchant everyone around you

Unique and personalized patterns on clothing products and more? It's possible with embroidery threads! All you need to do is design a motif, and thanks to the embroidery machine you can transfer it to a given element of the material. This way you can decorate almost any fabric! In addition to the decorative function, embroidery can also play an identification role. School clothes or workwear usually have a badge or emblem in the form of a characteristic logo. What embroidery threads can we recommend? First of all, we recommend IRIS threads from the Ariadna brand. If you need threads for decorative seams on denim fabrics, we recommend Artyn 50 threads. Do you need strong threads for decorative seams in your footwear? Choose Titans 15 or 20.

Threads for sewing leather, shoes, sails, technical fabrics - tell us what you need!

Polyester and polyester-cotton threads are among the most popular in Europe. No wonder, as polyester threads are durable, resistant to tearing, friction and other mechanical and chemical factors. Some threads are made of staple fibers, others are continuous, and some are made of a multifilament core and a braid. The structure of the threads is of great importance for their properties. That is why for sewing leather and technical fabrics, we recommend using professional leathercraft threads, such as NTF 210/2 and 210/3 threads. Other threads available in our offer include: Leto, Tytan, Talia and Artyn from the Ariadna company. For sewing sails, belts, tilts and covers, we recommend Tytan threads, thickness 20 and 15.

Needles for industrial machines - because quality and failure-free functioning matter!

Many factors affect the efficient and trouble-free sewing process. One of the most important are needles. It is they that directly "work" with the material. The needle head goes through the weave of the fabric or knit to create the selected stitch. Our offer includes needles for industrial machines, i.e. those with increased durability. Why is it worth using them? Because lockstitch machines, button sewing machines or other sewing machines achieve really high sewing speeds. By using proven needles, you avoid downtime in the sewing process due to, for example, a broken needle. At Berotex you can buy SCHEMTZ needles, which you can use in button sewing machines, lockstitch machines and overlock machines.

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