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Studs - metal decorations for clothes, bags and more

The studs were somehow a distinctive feature of heavymetal or punk rock subcultures. Currently, studs are no longer a decorative element reserved only for specific groups. The fashion world accepted them with open arms, which is why these metal ornaments can be found in clothing, shoes, bags, bags and wallets. Do you want to give a strong character to your products? We recommend cones shaped like cones or spikes.

Studs - blanks for decorating

These characteristic accessories look beautiful on black leather as well as on other colors of artificial leather. The stud's head can take different shapes: the most popular are spikes or cones, but you will certainly like studs, arches, pyramids or bullets. studs bullets. In combination with rivets you will emphasize the style of your styling. From now on your clothes, shoes and leather accessories will have a distinct character! You're rock!

Decorative brushes - where to buy?

The secret of a successful project lies in the idea and conscientious performance. Are you looking for ornamental studs for leather or other materials? We recommend metal studs spikes or cones, thanks to which you will vary your blouse or boots. You can also create a strap with studs, as well as accessories and clothing for motorcyclists. Brads in jackets, backpacks, shoes and pets - stand out from the crowd and emphasize your pugnacious style.

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