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Cotton fabric canvas 360 g/m2 (101) light beige 150 cm

SKU: CANVAS-400G-101-40Y

Price for 36 mb.

zł1,100.00 tax excl.
zł1,353.00 tax incl.
  • 1 MB(zł30.00 / MB)
  • 36 MB(zł30.56 / MB)
Availability 2024-09-06

Cotton fabric canvas 400 g/m2 natural 165 cm 40 mb

SKU: CANVAS-400G-123-40


zł1,200.00 tax excl.
zł1,476.00 tax incl.
  • 1 MB(zł30.00 / MB)
  • 40 MB(zł30.00 / MB)

Cotton fabrics - materials made of 100% CANVAS cotton

The wholesale of fabrics "" offers leathercraft fabrics, among others CANVAS cotton fabrics with a characteristic weave that resembles a canvas painting. Cotton fabric is a popular material in the textile industry. CANVAS fabrics are characterized by high strength and durability. Some of them have fire-resistant properties. Due to their texture, CANVAS fabrics are ideal for the production of outdoor bags, sachets, pencil cases or backpacks.

CANVAS fabrics - create the way you like

Our CANVAS cotton fabrics are very popular on your part! We know that you use them for various projects. Due to the fact that the canvas has a strong and dense weave and waterproof properties can be used as a hanging seat or hammock - in the garden and at home. Its raw, rustic look emphasizes the interior! That is why you can create decorative cushions, baskets for plaids or toys as well as many other decorations from Canvas cotton. Cotton looks great in combination with artificial leather - your bag designs are amazing!

CANVAS cotton - sew, paint and embroider!

The fabric with a weave of painterly canvas is extremely pleasant to work with. You can easily sew it (use thicker threads), as well as paint it with special paints or markers for fabrics, and even embroider. We highly recommend CANVAS fabric to create bag-backpacks, pencil cases, sachets, cases, beach bags, covers for computer equipment, outdoor accessories, backpacks and everywhere, where you only have the idea to use this material.

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