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Inadequately secured suitcases, backpacks and other accessories for carrying small andlarge luggage can quickly get damaged. How to easily prevent this? It doesn't take much! It is enough to use small but very important plastic elements.

Luggage corner protectors, feet pads and foot stands. It is them that will ensure that luggage owners will not have to worry that their newly purchased luggage will get dirty or damaged. How? These little extras create a space between the ground (often wet, dirty and with sharp or rough surfaces) and the material of your bag, suitcase or backpack.

Protective corners, as you can easily guess, will protect the corners of these products. The feet pads will be perfect for smaller sports backpacks, and the foot stands will protect tourist bags and backpacks with larger bottoms. We encourage you to purchase these extremely important accessories through the Berotex online store.

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Corner Protectors, Foot Stands, Feet Pads

Corner protectors, feet pads and foot stands for suitcases and bags

Inadequately secured handbags, bags, suitcases or dressing cases may get damaged faster. Material that comes into direct contact with the ground rubs and becomes dirty. In order to be able to enjoy a given product for longer, it is worth equipping it with plastic stands. Protective pads, small and large, and feet pads. Protective corners with dimensions of 15 mm x 140 mm are used in bags, suitcases and backpacks to prevent staining and damaging the fabric when the corners of this type of products are particularly exposed to mechanical factors. They are available in packages of 100 pieces. Plastic feet pads in the size of 18.5 mm/18.3 mm make it impossible to put the luggage directly on the ground, thanks to which the material is not damaged. The package contains 1000 of these protective pieces. Both the corners and the feet pads are made of high-quality black plastic.

Protective stands and pads for suitcases and bags - wholesaler online

The Berotex warehouse in Łódź offers two types of protective stands. They have a characteristic spike-shaped surface. The large foot stand with 28 spikes measures 83mm x 55mm, and the small one with 12 spikes, 53mm x 44mm. Both sizes are available in wholesale packages of 500 pieces. It is worth using them in products for which small and single feet pads may not be enough. Thanks to their surface, they are perfect for larger suitcases and bags, protecting the material from contact with the floor. What else can be used to fully protect the bottom of the suitcase? First of all, appropriate accessories, such as durable and easy-to-handle wheels and stands that allow even a heavy suitcase to be stable while waiting for a train or plane. Foot bottoms (larger than feet pads, but smaller than foot stands) and alternative to traditional wheels - running gear, on which the wheels secured with rubber are mounted on a special strip, may also be useful.

How to secure your backpack and sports bag?

Since we already know how to protect the bottom of backpacks and bags, it is also worth thinking about the other elements that make up these products. The basis of a good sports backpack is the use of solid fabrics (usually more than one material is used for this type of product). What features should they have? The tear resistance and water resistance that characterize the polyester Codura 1000D and the checkered Rip-Stop fabric are particularly important. We recommend using durable, tear-resistant threads with thicknesses in the range 10-60 to join the materials. Sports bags and backpacks are usually associated with plastic accessories, such as buckles or snap hooks. However, nothing prevents you from using metal elements. You can use them alone or in combination with accessories made of durable plastic. The safety of backpacks and bags is not only protection against mechanical damage. It is equally important to add contact information to the owner (you can put them in a special patch), for example when using the gym. 

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