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metal roller buckles

Saddler staples - one-piece and two-seater

Saddlery is a craft that deals with the production of equestrian accessories, horse harnesses and saddles. Saddler staples due to their characteristic appearance are also used as functional and decorative elements in fancy and leather goods. In our assortment you will find metal single and two-part saddler staples. What's more, we offer saddler staples in a special EXTRA coating, which gives the buckles an attractive appearance and better durability.

Saddlers accessories - for lovers of horse riding

Before machine sewing was possible, the saddlery was sewn by hand using leather and metal fittings. Currently, more and more laboratories use the benefits of technology, but harnesses, saddles and other equipment have metal parts: buckles with various hooks, rivets, half-circles or regulators . Saddler staples have found recognition in the fashion world, because their specific shape will complement the style of outdoor compositions.

Buckles with roller - creative applications

Saddler staples stand out against other staples not only in terms of appearance (oval rectangle). Otherwise, they are called buckles with a roll, because the hooks are based on a movable roll. Their form is valued not only in saddlery or haberdashery. It is also used in the jewelery and zoological industry. Thanks to them, stylish bracelets are created, as well as collars for animals.

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