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Threads for overlock

Threads for overlock - What threads should I choose?

Sufi fans and beginner sewing enthusiasts! You have certainly met with such terms as overlock (or: owerlock) or overlock seam. These terms refer to a device by means of which the edges of the material against sipping can be secured (also known as shredding, prying). The overlock machine performs the so-called overlock seam or overcast seam. The seam protects the protruding threads from the material before further untangling. So what are the threads suitable for overlock? Above all, they must be threads that will not break, will be strong enough to create a strong seam and a fairly long color permanence. Typically, overlock threads have a large bobbin because there is a lot of thread used when tucking. We write about it, because you often wonder what thread to choose just for overlock. For both overlocks and coverlocks, we recommend NTF polyester thread in a spool of a 5000-wobel. Threads are characterized by good sewing, seam strength and color depth.

Threads overlock price? At Berotex, the cheapest!

Cutting the material in a given place, the weave created by the threads of the weft and warp, becomes weaker, therefore the protection of the overslip seam requires the vast majority of edges. The seam resembles a chain eye, so you can often find the term "chain". The overlock machine is used for light clothing (women's, men's and children's) and medium garment (sportswear, jeans, top and work clothes). Just turn the blouse or pants on the left side and you will certainly recognize this characteristic seam. At what price can you buy overlock threads? We are already responding, because high quality and attractive price can go hand in hand! NTF threads are an example of this. We know the expectations of our customers, which is why polyester threads for overlocks, coverlocks, home and industrial machines are available at the best prices on the market. Over 400 colors to choose from! Join a group of satisfied customers and create amazing collections of clothes for small and large :)

Sewing and universal threads - select NTF threads

It is worth knowing that sewing threads are made so that they can be used on high-speed textile machines. Most sewing threads are made of polyester to increase their resistance to friction and increased temperature. NTF 120 universal threads are not only suitable as garment threads in overlocks. Threads in smaller bobbins with a 1000 m roll will be complemented by home sewing accessories! As a thread for hand sewing, as well as on a home machine, they will work perfectly! However, it is not all threads that you will find in our offer. We recommend leather threads for leather, footwear and technical fabrics. Are you looking for threads to make emblems? Check the threads for embroidery . Threads for the podszywarek? Necessarily buy the thread Tytan 250 . In addition, you will also find here the core threads with polyester polyester braid from Ariadna.

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