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Kodura Fabric 600D x 300D PVC - durable fabric

The codon is made of a special fiber structure that gives it high strength and resistance to abrasion, tearing and abrasion. It is light and relatively stiff. Recommended for the production of products such as bags, backpacks, footwear, covers and suitcases. In our offer you will find a codon finished with different coatings, which give it additional properties. Each codon is covered with a PVC coating - polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is responsible for additional stiffening of the weave.

Polyester codura fabric - types of finishes

The PVC-Diamond A-Grade coating is responsible for the coarse underside of the codon and the non-scratching surface. Kodura finished with this coating is recommended for products where durability and durability matters. In our online shop there is also a codon with a PVC-Diamond coating, so the left side of the fabric is rough. Coating with the PVC-Flat marking gives the coder a rubberized bottom, which is why it is recommended, for example, for the production of animal beds.

PVC coated fabrics in Berotex

Polyester fabrics with an additional finish made of polyvinyl chloride are rigid in the grip and recommended for technical products. To them belongs just a codon, which is successfully used for the production of tourist and sports backpacks and covers. Are you looking for a codon with a rubberized coating? Here is a codon with a PVC - Flat coating. Thicker and stiff? It's the one with PVC - Diamond coating. If you need fabrics with a non-scratch surface, choose these A-grade symbols. Check also patterned polyester fabrics .

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