Polyester fabric pvc (Codura) 600D x 600D Strong

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Polyester fabric 600d* 600d waterproof pvc-d a-grade...

SKU: TP-6/6-PVC-058-DA-25

Cena za 25 mb.

zł338.00, tax excl.
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Polyester fabric 600d*600d waterproof pvc-d covered khaki...

SKU: TP-6/6-PVC-173-D-40


zł420.00, tax excl.
zł516.60 tax incl.
  • 1 MB(zł18.00 / MB)
  • 5 MB(zł16.00 / MB)
  • 40 MB(zł10.50 / MB)

codura 600x600 strong

Cloth 600D x 600D PVC - extra strong and waterproof

Extra strong fabric - codon 600D x 600D weave and impregnated with PVC coating is characterized by very high resistance to abrasion and tearing. It has an additional waterproof coating, which makes it resistant to adverse weather conditions. Extra strong and waterproof coding is recommended for the production of hiking, cycling, trekking backpacks, suitcases, tents and covers.

Kodura - durable fabric leather and technical

Codura belongs to high-strength polyester fabrics. From the left side it is covered with a waterproof polyvinyl chloride coating. It is a cheaper equivalent of DuPont patented cordura - a highly abrasion resistant polyamide fabric with a polyurethane coating and Teflon finish. The codon has a special fiber structure, thanks to which it is durable, resistant to weather conditions and light.

Thick and waterproof polyester fabric in Berotex

Coated polyester fabrics have a wide usable spectrum. Their high resistance to weather conditions makes them suitable for external applications. In addition, they are durable and have an aesthetic appearance. Watertight polyester fabrics are recommended not only in leather clothing. They also work well as elements of strengthening clothing, tarpaulins, shoes, light canopies and animal beds.

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