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polyester fabric 1680 pu

1680D PU fabric - solid material for the production of suitcases and bags

Fabrics with 1680D weave belong to durable and durable materials. Due to the high load capacity - up to 100 kg - they are ideally suited for the creation of tourist suitcases, backpackers' backpacks and bags. Fabrics are characterized by a clear weave structure and have an additional PU coating that strengthens the material and gives the fabric its splash-proof properties. The material was made of synthetic polyester fibers.

PES fabrics - a wide selection of polyester fabrics

Very often, polyester fabrics in short are designated as PES fabrics or materials. You can find mainly polyester fabrics coated with polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The additional impregnation is intended not only to reinforce the material. The finish protects the fabric from moisture, i.e. it makes the material more tight and thus increases its water resistance.

Fabrics for printing - sublimation fabrics

How is sublimation printing done? This printing technique uses the phenomenon of sublimation, i.e. direct transition from solid to gaseous state in the right conditions. The print is transferred to the object, which has been covered with polyester varnish. In this way, you can make prints on special polyester fabrics. If you are looking for fabrics for printing, check our category of sublimation fabrics .

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