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Zippers for fastening used in sweatshirts, jackets and other products, not only clothing! It is thanks to them that you can fasten small and large products with one quick movement, without arduous fastening of every single button. Various sizes and colors of the zippers can be adapted to small purses, large suitcases and even furniture upholstery.

You can choose ready-made open end and closed end fasteners (so-called zippers) as well as spiral and metal zipper tapes, which can be adjusted to the appropriate length. In Berotex you will also find various types, sizes and colors of sliders and you can easily choose the right one for your zipper.

Due to their popularity, zippers are also chosen for waterproof products. Therefore, especially for this type of products, you can use splash-proof tapes, which are impermeable to water thanks to its special rubberized surface. We encourage you to choose zipper fasteners, zipper tapes and sliders at Berotex warehouse!

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Zippers and sliders - online store

Where is the best place to buy zippers online? Which zipper wholesaler is the best and offers great quality zippers at an extra price? We cordially invite you to visit our warehouse of zippers and other tailoring accessories in Łódź. Berotex store has been operating in the textile industry for over 20 years. As an importer and distributor of zippers, polyester fabrics, leather fittings and threads, we offer products at an attractive price and in a wide range of colors. From the very beginning, we care about the quality of our assortment and we are constantly expanding our offer. What is the price of the zipper in our warehouse? Go to our online store and be amazed by the great price of zipper tapes, sliders and zipper fasteners.

How it all started, a bit of history about ... zippers!

The history of zippers goes back over 100 years. Their trailblazer was the Swedish engineer Gideon Sundback, who invented the lock in 1913, and patented his idea in 1917. At the beginning, they were mainly used for flight suits.The greatest popularity of the zipper fell in the 1920s and 1930s. Since then, the types of zipper fasteners and their applications have undergone many changes. Zippers are special mechanisms used to connect or disconnect two pieces of fabric. They are used as decorative and functional elements in many products. Our assortment includes metal zippers and zippers made of plastic, among others coil zippers and molded zippers. Additionally, we offer splash-proof metal zipper tapes as well as auto lock (with a stop) and non-lock (without a stop).

The zipper - how does it work?

All the magic of the zipper lies in its teeth! The zipper consists of two rows of teeth placed on the tapes. There are gaps between them. The slider, also called a slide fastener, has a Y-shaped channel in the middle. It connects or disconnects the teeth. The channel at the base is narrower, so it brings the teeth closer together in such a way that the first teeth end up between the second teeth. However, when the slider is moved in the opposite direction, the triangular wedge will push the particles away from each other. Then the lock is open. Of course, for the correct functioning of the zipper, you need blocking elements at the top and bottom of the zipper (e.g. in flies). In the open end zippers, one row of the teeth can be pulled out of the lower locking part. We recommend this type of zippers for jackets and sweatshirts.

Types of zippers - coil, molded, metal, open-end and closed-end

Zippers are a very practical element in many different products. Zippers can be divided, according to the type of linking chain, into coil zippers and molded zippers. Moreover, the sliders can have several variants. Open-end zippers allow you to open and close the zipper freely. However, in close-end zippers, one side was machine-finished. This type of zippers is used, for example, in flies, pencil cases or vanity cases. At the Berotex warehouse, you can buy molded, coil, open-end and closed-end zippers. Available in a variety of colors.

Sliders for zipper tapes and zipper tapes - various types and colors at the Berotex warehouse

A zipper is a special fastener, the purpose of which is to temporarily connect two pieces of fabric. In combination with a zipper tape, you will create a zipper of the length you need for an eco-leather bag or a waterproof Oxford cover for garden furniture. In the Berotex warehouse located in Łódź you will find decorative zippers, bedding zippers and double-sided zippers. Among the zipper tapes there are waterproof (splash-proof), coil and metal tapes in popular sizes and in a wide range of colors.

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