D-rings, plastic D-rings for connecting tapes and straps

Are you looking for small accessories that will effectively connect the tapes of sports bags, backpacks or individual elements of animal gadgets? Your choice could not have been left to anything but D-rings made of durable plastic. Of course, you can choose from different types and sizes of these functional accessories.

Smaller D-rings with a traditional, single structure will be a simple link between the leash and the collar, as well as an excellent additional holder for advertising lanyards. A thicker D-ring, with additional dividers inside, will be an ideal solution for attaching handles to sports backpacks.

Larger black D-rings will be useful in clothing projects. How to apply them? By using two elements, you can create original straps for both trousers and simple belts for dresses, for example in olive green. What is your idea for plastic D-rings?

Regardless of the design in your head, you can buy D-rings at berotex.net!

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Plastic D-Rings

Plastic D-rings - for bags, backpacks and shoes

Plastic D-rings are small, but very important elements used mainly in haberdashery goods, footwear and clothing. They are made of high-quality plastic, as due to their functions in products, they must be resistant to loads. Why? They are often used as belt hooks, for example in sports bags, and also as grips for snap hooks in backpacks, toiletry bags and fanny packs. D-rings can also be used as an accessory to sports clothing (e.g. as a zipper puller) and in shoes. These plastic accessories in smaller sizes are perfect for interlacing laces in trekking shoes and for connecting Velcro in trainers, sandals or sneakers. In our offer you will find black plastic D-rings in sizes: 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm. Depending on the type, you can buy them in packages of 100 or 200 pieces.

Plastic and metal D-rings on offer at Berotex - the online wholesaler

Plastic or metal D-rings? That is the question! And the answer is not at all obvious, because different projects require the use of different types of materials. Depending on the functionality and aesthetics of the product, such elements will be chosen for its production. Elements made of plastic will work best in accessories and sports clothing. Schoolbags, backpacks, ski jackets and snowsuits - it is in them that we most often see plastic D-rings. When to use, then, the D-rings in the metal version? They will look better combined with elegant handbags and backpacks. They will also work well in combination with products, wholly or partially, made of artificial leather. Can you combine plastic and metal accessories? Yes, of course. Such combinations will be the perfect solution for casual products. Sporty, but with a touch of classics!

Plastic D-rings, buckles and snap hooks - create accessories for your pet

The world of plastic haberdashery provides a large scope for animal owners, as well as DIY enthusiasts. Can't find the perfect leash, harness or collar for your pet? You can create them yourself! We start with a simple leash, for which a webbing (for smaller animals: 10 mm, for larger animals: 20 mm) in your favorite color is ideal. Trim it to the correct length. At one end, bend the strap to form a loop and fasten with thread or rivet, on the other end attach a plastic snap hook. Time for a leash and harness. First, measure your pet's necessary circumferences (yes, that can be difficult). Use a webbing tape (such as for the leash), attach a plastic regulator and a buckle of the appropriate size to it. Sew a short piece of tape with a D-ring to the collar. To create a harness, connect the collar, measured according to your pet’s size, with a strip of the webbing tape (also with a D-ring). Gadgets are ready, time for a walk! Dogs will surely be pleased with such handicrafts made by their owner. When it comes to cats, well… we do not give a guarantee. However, regardless of the reaction, we are waiting for a photo of your pets in new leashes, collars or harnesses! Add the hashtag to the photo in social media: #createwithberotex. 

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