5 mm Metal Zipper Tape

Where are zipper tapes with metal teeth most often used? Of course, in clothing and haberdashery products. Their stylish design makes them look beautiful on denim trousers, as well as in combination with classic leather shades on elegant handbags.

In this category, in addition to special tapes that can be cut to any length, you will also find metal elements that allow for a subtle finish of express locks. Gold and nickel teeth make the espresso machines easy to match the color of other metal elements.

In addition, the materials on which the teeth are placed have different shades, which allows you to choose the perfect color for the material. Metal zipper tapes will work wherever you want to add a bit of rock claw to your projects and use inconspicuous accessories to create stylish elements of clothing and many other accessories.

Choose and buy zipper tapes with metal teeth at the Berotex warehouse!

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5 mm Metal Zipper Tape per meter

5 mm metal zipper tapes are especially recommended for jackets, coats, shoes, bags, flys and purses. The structure of the metal straps is very similar to the construction of zippers. The fastening chain in this type of zippers consists of two rows of single metal teeth that are attached to the zipper tape. The teeth can be covered with various coatings, for example in black nickel or glossy gold. Depending on the color of the tape, they are available in rolls of 50 m or 100 m, as well as they can be purchased by the meter! We offer various colors of tapes (white, beige, red, navy blue and others), which, in addition to being a zipper, can also be an original decorative element. Metal zipper tape is perfect as an insert for cotton blouses, fastening denim jackets and pockets or accessories and clothing made of ecological leather. You can find artificial leather in the Berotex fabric wholesale offer in various colors.

Pin & Box clasp and fasteners for metal zipper tapes

The metal fitting of the zipper tape allows for the effective ending of the zipper. It can be the end of the zipper tape in women's and men's bags, cosmetic bags or sachets. In the offer of our warehouse you will find fittings in various colors, glossy and matte. We also recommend using a special Pin & Box clasp, which is used, for example, in zippers in sports sweatshirts. The use of this fastener allows you to connect two parts of the tape. Remember, however, that this type of fastener, like the latch, must be matched to the size of the zipper tape. Metal fittings, also known as hooves, and Pin & Box fasteners can be a functional and aesthetic complement to accessories and clothing, including sportswear. However, in the case of tapes, you should remember to buy a  slider that matches the size of the tape.

Metal zipper tape - unusual applications

At Berotex, we constantly try to find inspiration for creating our own products and share these ideas with our clients via social media and our blog. Do you know how many original applications we have found for metal zipper tapes and metal zippers? A lot! One of the ideas was to make various types of instant decorations: flowers, butterflies, spiders, dragonflies. DIY jewelry with a metal band and a zipper? Of course you can create it! Properly arranged zippers with special bag frames - earrings in the shape of hearts are ready. A zipper tape connected with a metal snap hook and with attached studs – the perfect recipe for a homemade rock bracelet. Pens, pencils, paper clips and other little things make a mess on your desk, right? You know that a mess problem can be solved with metal tape and some Boterm GTA shoe glue. Thanks to this, you will create an original design of a container for trinkets. Project ready? Show off it on social media by adding the hashtag #createwithberotex.

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