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Products from category Polyester lining fabrics

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SKU: TP-420D-PUPL-048-100


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Lining tailoring - for women's and men's clothing

The linings are associated with thin and light materials, which usually finish the inner side of clothing products, such as jackets and dresses. However, the task of the lining is not just to finish the garment. The sewn-in lining in the dress can work wonders! Thanks to the polyester lining, the cut of the dress looks better on the silhouette. The lining neutralizes the refraction of the figure, giving a stable and aesthetic shape to the garment. Clothes are less susceptible to creasing. In addition, the lining can be stitched with a liner, which is necessary in autumn and winter clothing. Sewing linings extend the life of clothing products. The outer material does not have direct contact with the skin, and thanks to the lining does not stick to it and gently slides.

We recommend popular styling linings, so-called styles with 180T weave. These are soft, light and durable polyester materials. Available in many colors.

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